Friday, April 27, 2007

Virginia Tech Quilt Blocks

The following was lifted without permission from Desertsky's Blog. I doubt she'll mind; in fact, I think she'll rejoice.

We are asking quilters who have been moved by this recent tragedy to join us by making a quilt block 12-1/2" square (unfinished size) in the colors of Virginia Tech--maroon and orange. We will assemble your blocks into quilts. Finished quilts will be sent to Virginia Tech as an offering to all who have been affected by recent events.Make your quilt block in the colors of Virginia Tech--maroon and orange. Please do not introduce other colors into the color scheme as this is a school spirit quilt. Add only maroon, orange and neutrals (white, black, gray, off white) to your quilt block. Once you have finished your block, mail to Grandma's Attic, 167 S.W. Court Street, Dallas, Oregon USA 97338. Please note: in order to be included in the project, quilt blocks need to be returned to us by June 2, 2007