Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

They all do, though. Don't they? And they prolly are good ideas. It's just that there are too many of them.

When I read about the challenge to read award winning books -- just twelve in one year -- I thought it was not just a good idea but a superb idea. I quickly signed up, made a first selection, and boasted on my blog. Others read my post and they, too, thought it a good idea and have signed up.

And it still is a good idea. Except, frankly, on reflection, I don't need this challenge. I don't really need any more challenges in my life right now. Maybe never! I have lists of quilting projects -- some of them with deadlines -- and an excellent book to read each month for the book club, and presentations to prepare and deliver, and meetings to attend, and -- well, I imagine you know exactly what I'm talking about and can fill in your own list of obligations and challenges.

I don't want a reading challenge. I don't want to have to feel bad if I don't manage to read twelve award winning books in the space of a year. I'll hang onto the link to the challenge, and use it as another source of recommendations, but for my own sanity, I need to take the logo, the link, and the list off of da blog.



Juliann in WA said...

I love that picture of the stack of books - looks like my pile or it could be my pile. I know what you mean about challenges. I keep getting drawn to them and I don't know why. They are a good resource to book lists but then I sometimes want to ask the publishing and fabric companies to take a break and let me get caught up. It is right to be kind to yourself.

Laurie Ann said...

Isn't it a relief when we finally give something up that has been bugging us? Something that we feel that we should do, but just know we don't have time for. Phew is right.

Karol-Ann said...

Found your blog via Juliann's blog and just want to say Well Done! I think we all do it, we take too much on and then feel so guilty when we can't manage it all.

atet said...

Sanity -- thy name is common sense! Wish I could do that a bit more in my own life!

Anonymous said...

"A man's (woman) gotta know his limitations"
Dirty Harry