Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two Outstanding Flicks

Bonnie and I first subscribed to Netflix a year or more ago. With television the way it is anymore, it is a delight to have those red envelopes appear in the mailbox or between the doors. If Joe and I are both going to be home for an evening, we have the option of watching something that is likely to be good, and "without commercial interruption." Bonnie's subscription provides one movie at a time and ours provides two, and since we share, there is almost always something good waiting in the wings.

I've written before that we have been working our way through the old "Upstairs, Downstairs" series from Masterpiece Theatre. This has been wonderful. From time to time I wonder what the Bellamys -- or Hudson -- would think of some of the stuff currently on television! But we watch other flicks, too. My queue has about 65 titles in it, and I've no idea how many are in Bonnie's.

I always do the rating of the movie after we watch it because this has led to some of the best things we've seen, things we wouldn't have know about otherwise. Rating a movie prompts Netflix to suggest other titles that we might like. Most of the time I add them to the queue. I'd never heard of "The Choristers" until Netflix suggested I might like it. And, by golly, they were so right! Although foreign films with subtitles are fine at the theatre, they aren't my first choice at home because I'm always handsewing while I watch. The night we watched "The Choristers," I didn't sew quite as much. What a nice movie, and the music was spectacular!

Another movie, "Copying Beethoven," showed up on Bonnie's queue and was another wonderful surprise. Beautifully told, sensuous, superb acting, and again with the lovely music.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm Ed Harris playing Beethoven? Interesting, he is a wonderful actor. Will add this to my queu, too :-)
Kathy B

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Gotta love good music, it only adds to a movie's overall appeal! Thanks!!