Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Celebrate: Two Thoughts

This post is about a two-way celebration. I want to see if I can bring the two thoughts together.

First, I'm celebrating because this is my 600th blog post. And I promised a give-away.

Second, we're coming into the season of celebration, and for many people, celebration and giving are going to take different forms this year. Here are two evidences of this:

Exhibit A: A woman in Indiana who feels guilty that she can't spend the $600 that she spent last year for gifts for her then 3-year-old daughter. I had to read this twice to make sure I understood. This wasn't a total Christmas budget of $600. It was $600 for a 3-year-old!

Exhibit B: Dear Marlene who recently was laid off and has been thinking about what really is important in holiday celebration and is asking bloggers to share their thoughts.

Like most, our family is impacted by the current economic situation. We had made the decision a few months ago to cut back on our giving to each other. We had begun to feel as though the prolonged opening of gifts was actually cutting into our time together!

Okay. Here is where it comes together. Remember the scarf that I made last week? The one I wrote about here? Well, I checked with a family member of my proposed recipient and learned that while the lady would have appreciated the gift and the work that went into it, it was unlikely that she would actually wear it -- her taste runs to less complicated patterns. Would you wear it? Or would you give it to someone you know and love who would wear it? Because I'm going to give it away to one of you.

Here is what you do: Go on over to Marlene's blog and read what she's written and share a piece of your own recession-style holiday plan with her. And leave me a comment on this post (making sure there is a way I can contact you). This coming weekend, I'll draw a name and the scarf will be in the mail on Monday!


Suzan said...

I popped over to Marlene's blog to discover that she lives very near where I spent 30+ years of my life. Thank you for the link!

The economy truly did not have much impact on my personal decision to cut back this year. I think I am just tired of feeling so overwhelmed by the shopping and worrying about what to get for whom. Everyone is getting something that I am making and my kids and their families are getting something a little extra in the form of gift cards. I used to really dislike gift cards. Now, not so much. I think it has something to do with my age!

Anonymous said...

I agree $600 is way to much. Maybe the mon can rewrap some of the gifts and donate to a family that didn;t get anything last year. Or tell the child that Xmas was cancelled because lack of money.

Chookyblue...... said...

congrats on 600 posts.......

Linda said...

I read Marlene's blog but, like Suzan, the economy has not really impacted on my life at this point (of course I am writing from Canada!). However, the kids and I have cut way back on giftgiving over the years. I have all I really need and the kids (26 and 28) seem to be doing fine as well. We're much more inclined to buy gifts for the needy and donate them through various charities.

Congratulations on your 600th!!! post! I enjoy reading them almost daily. (p.s. did you try the Vicks on your feet?)
Lurking Linda

Guenveur in Kent said...

Last year we all agreed that we already have too much STUFF. Last year most of our gifts were food, because it's the kind of STUFF you can get rid of, which cuts down on the clutter of STUFF. We shall do the same this year and the economy has nothing to do with it.
Congratulations on the 600. That's a lotta STUFF to write about. Good STUFF to read.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

I've been to Marlene's - and enjoyed the comments she already has - and posted one also.

We like to get and receive gifts - but not too many so our family likes to donate to the food bank and give to others that are in need, or help serve meals for the homeless - really makes you feel good about the holidays.

suz said...

I dropped in on Marlene - been living on a budget for 25 years and although I make a lot more money now, found it a sensible way to continue to live. When everyone else in my family is having money problems, I've got a bit socked away for emergencies and I live within my means. Got a credit card when my son went to college because I couldn't get his student loan without "credit" (apparently paying rent and car payments isn't "credit"). Keep it extremely low and refuse all offers to raise it. Pay it off each month, if I happen to use it, which I think really annoys the credit card company! My son learned the value of family, not things - and he never felt he was deprived.