Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Pleasant Sail

An entirely pleasant getaway, actually. After a bit of a nap early on Friday afternoon, we headed off to our weekend in Chestertown. The trip down was uneventful until we got to Middletown where there was good news and bad news. The good news was that I got to stop at the Lil Country Shoppe, a delightful quilt shop that has some of the finest (and best priced) wools I've ever seen. I just love this lil shoppe. It's the sort of place that if it were closer to home, it would not be good for my checkbook. I could spent a lot of time and money in there, but I limit myself to 20 minutes or so while Joe gets a nap in the van. I bought fabric and background for the upcoming mitten swap, more about which sometime soon. The bad news was the traffic light after the shop was interminable. We thought we'd never get through it! But at last we did and before long at all we'd arrived in Chestertown just in time to keep our dinner appointment.

There's a right nice restaurant there called the Blue Heron. We always try to have a dinner there. One of their specialties is rockfish, a local catch. I've never seen in on the menu anywhere other than Chestertown. And it is scrumptious!

Saturday morning we took our cruise on the Meerwold with Herb and Elaine and another couple. We've ridden a different tall ship each year that we've gone for this festival and this captain was by far the most personable. He made the trip so interesting, and wasn't at all reluctant to fire his cannons, which we just loved!

Napping again in the afternoon (yes, the cold has settled in but not without a big fight on my end) and some shopping (found the perfect Christmas gift for my darling DIL) and dinner with our friends (did I ever mention what a great cook Elaine is?). All of this heavenly getaway, with a bonus extra hour, thanks to the time change!

Home early in the afternoon after a safe ride with no traffic at all.

While at the White Swan, we received a complimentary morning paper of our choice. Our choice was the Washington Post and we certainly did like it. We've been more and more disenchanted with the Philadelphia Inquirer over the past couple of years and have seriously considered letting that subscription lapse. A good paper like the Post has us wishing we had more and better options locally.

Not a particularly stellar post, I know. Kind of rambly and random. The way a person feels on a November Sunday afternoon . . . . .

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Karen Dianne Lee said...

I tried to catch up with you at the Blue Heron but someone told me you just left. Saturday morning I was there because I didn't want to miss any Captain firing his cannons! but again you avoided me.

I was the car that was following y'all. Why? Why were you avoiding me.

Ditched for Another's Love, *karendianne.