The herd is growing.  And the additions are great!

Helen knew how much I love basket blocks, so she made me a Cow In A Basket.  Kind of puts one in mind of a Pig In A Blanket.  This cow is sweet, and happy to be enbasketed.
Paula from COWlorado sent this delightful bovine -- who wouldn't want a hug from this lady?  Paula, BTW, is responsible for the recent blog revamp here at Near Philadelphia.  She's so clever and so generous with her time.
Now the Cow In A Basket concept is something I might have expected from Piecemeal.   No, rephrase that.  I wouldn't have expected a cow in a basket from anyone.  But it wouldn't have surprised me from Piecemeal.  Her block came yesterday and just look at that face!  Isn't it endearing?  Doncha love the colors?  The expression?
Janet sent this treasure, writing that she'd been wanting to make a miniature churn dash block and here it is.  Her darling cows brought some barnyard friends along.
One can hardly see Guenveur's cow in this photo.  Even clicking to enlarge it doesn't do it justice.  But hang on, cow fans.  Guenveur is the one who wanted to play but has arthritic hands that don't like to sew, so she drew a cow who needs to be embroidered.  I'm going to get to this as soon as a couple of other hand-projects are completed, and will repost the finished purple cow, jumping over the moon, no less.

Thank you, thank you, one and all!


Janet O. said…
The creativity of quilters never ceases to amaze me. What fun it is to see the variety of cows. Thanks for sharing them.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Mooooooovahlous, m'dear ... just moooooovahlous!
altar ego said…
Cowabunga indeed! It all looks marvelous.
*karendianne. said…
Wow! These are so cool. Check this out!!!
Micki said…
The bovine blocks are just adorable!