Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dog Days of August

Someone -- who shall remain nameless but let the record show that she has no blog of her own -- has taken me to task for a week of no blogging!  I told her it's August, and everything slows down.  She didn't buy it.

This past week was the penultimate week of Summer Hours at school.  After next week, we return to our regularly scheduled 8-4:30.  So I've relished my afternoons this past week.  I  made more belts.  I worked on my Schnibble/Schnobble.  I finished a teensy weensy project (noticing that spell-check flags "teensy" but lets "weensy" slide), more about which later.

One afternoon after I came home, we drove down to Cape May, walked on the mall for a bit, had a scrumptious dinner at our favorite restaurant and drove back home.  It was a lot of driving.  But a memorable dinner and evening.

Been playing too much Scrabble on Facebook with a bunch of very intelligent people.  Tried a couple of new recipes.  Made old favorite peach cobbler this morning.  Recipe here for those so inclined.

It's August.  Last year I remember researching the origins of "dog days."  What I found wasn't impressive enough to remember.  But somehow, that seems perfectly fine..


LizA. said...

O yummy-- now I know what to do with all the fresh peaches I just bought! Thank you for sharing this.

Janet O. said...

Those who don't have blogs of their own shouldn't cast aspersions at those who do have them, but don't post--especially if they live in glass houses! : ) Isn't that how you remember it?
Love the recipe! My kind of cooking in the heat of August!

Salem Stitcher said...

I'm about done with the dog days of August myself. I'm ready for October and a nice chill in the air. In the meantime, I think I'll try that peach cobbler!

Anonymous said...

While Nancy kept me anonymous, I confess, it was me and while I missed the blog, I was more worried about health!! Just picked up peaches today - recipe tomorrow. The CA Cuz

Kathie said...

oh I am so ready for the cool days of the fall and the colors of the leaves.....
good riddance summer is how I feel! ok I know that means work for you, sorry :)

Judi said...

From this side of the pond, you are right Nancy - the recipe is definately for a crumble. I thought a cobbler was more of a batter kinda-thing?

Whatever it is called, it looks delicious!