Saturday, January 14, 2012

Possibly Last Blog Post

Well, today's the day. About once every two or three years, usually in January, we venture out to King of Prussia, the site of "the largest mall on the East coast." I'm at the point where every two or three years is too much. I just loathe it. The hugeness of it is overwhelming. The traffic is terrifying. The parking is confusing and usually remote. I certainly couldn't go there alone. I feel like I should put my affairs in order before leaving the house. Just in case.

We have a total of three errands at KoPM: to get a cover for the new iPad at the Apple Store, to exchange my slippers at Brookstones, and to see if I can get some new shoes at Rockport. I doubt we'll have it in us to do any free style shopping/exploring.

I spent about half an hour this morning on the computer and phone trying to find out precisely where in this concrete jungle the three stores are located so that we can do the logistics of the visit.  The website for the place refuses to list the "house numbers" for the various stores.  Oh, they do provide a "mall map" but the type size is so miniscule that these eyes can't read it.  I went to the iPad to see if I could blow it up (excellent phraseology here) but all I could find there was the map, no list of stores underneath. I even downloaded an app but it was even less helpful. Joe says the mall owners are deliberately obtuse; they want people to get so lost that they have to stop at some expensive place for fortification. I think that perhaps an Ativan before heading out is in order. (Why do I think I'm channeling Murr here?)

So, after phone calls to the three stores to get their locations (Plaza, Lower, near Neiman; Court, Upper, near Macy's; and Court, Upper, Near Bloomingdale's, respectively, just in case you should have the identical errand list), we're heading out as soon as Himself is showered and dressed.

I'm closing comments on this post. The last thing I need would be to return home (God willing) from the outing and find that twenty-two of your have directed me to a simple, easy-to-use site that answers my every question.

See you later.  If I make it.

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