A Full House

Nate: "Can't go wrong with Cheerios."

Tom and Miss A

Some say we look alike. They may be right.

Ready for the Parade
The third generation, some happier than others. Left to right: Eli, Nate, Caroline, Sam, Aberdeen.


Nancy, it's so beautiful to see the kids in their brightly colored shirts. I live in the SF Bay Area and everyone here is in love with black and gray and dark navy. Little brown and virtually no pastels or brights on anyone that lives here. If I see cheerily colored people walking, I know they are from out-of-town.
Janet O. said…
Is the resemblance in the eyes or maybe the smile?
Oh, such precious times. All my grandkids are with their other grandparents about 2 hours away this week. Enjoy!
Linda K said…
Oh, I'll bet you are having just the greatest 4th of July!! Enjoy, lucky lady!! Beautiful grandchildren, of course. Congrats on #6 coming soon! And ,by the way, I really enjoyed reading about your trip, too.
what an adorable group! you are blessed indeed!
LizA. said…
Looks like you have your hands full. What a great looking group--bet you had fun.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Love, love, love, love, love!
Salem Stitcher said…
Gosh. That's a lot of love and beautiful faces.

And yes, definitely those sweet eyes match yours.

(and Cheerios can't be beat.)
The Stevens family produces babies who are absolutely gorgeous from the git go. Great genes, I'd say.