Monday, November 21, 2016

Just 80 Minutes: Part Ten

My Guild retreat was this past weekend, and what a fine and splendid time the almost-thirty of us had! Our location was about 40 minutes from home, and because of some tricky business at the turnpike interchange that made me anxious, Himself offered to deliver me and pick me up. I was quick to accept.

My first order of business had to do with another pair of ballerina feet. One bee participant was truly daunted by the pattern and asked if she could do something else for me. Of course she could. So I had her block to make. It went together much more quickly than the first one did!

Here you can see it in the six sections before they were joined together. It was sort of late at night when I finished them and I thought I would wait until morning to put them together. So I made a couple of pot holders.

 I mentioned previously that one of my bee mates had given us a paper-piecing task for this month, and that it would be challenging. I was very, very glad that I had spent my 80 Minutes for the past nine weeks working on that skill because there was a lot to keep in mind as I pieced these arcs for Sarah.

For me, angles are difficult. There were a couple of times when I was stressed to get the piece applied so that it would cover the entire section, even though I had cut the pieces even larger than the recommended size. This was a problem with one of the yellow segments. I've learned to use tape to reinforce a stitching line after I have to rip something out.

This is the second of Sarah's two arcs and this one was much more cooperative! Sarah gave us extra arcs and shoulders and centers in case we want to make more for ourselves. I'm going to pass on this because I've got a new idea for the blades/spokes that I'd been working on earlier.

Speaking of which, one of my retreat projects was the final assembly of those blocks. There's a picture below. I'm pleased with the outcome. This quilt measures about 47 inches square and will be a gift for one of the babies (I think there were three the last time I counted) that are due this spring.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Beautiful work -- congrats on your persistence!

Anonymous said...

Your spikes/blades quilt came out really nice. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful quilt.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

The finished quilt is amazing. I'm a new quilter and hope that I will someday look for a challenge. At the moment, my first quilt is an easy one and each completed step has given me complete gratification.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Thank you for continuing to blog.
xx, Carol

Barbara Anne said...

Congratulations on your wonderful paper piecing of those daunting star point blades and for helping with those other ballerina feet.

Your newly finished quilt top is outstanding and I'll admit I'd be reluctant to give this amazing quilt to a baby. I make much more simple baby quilts as they are often over-frolicked by love, snuggles, laundry, and time.


cityquilter grace said...

lovely baby quilt!

ramewelamb said...

Wow!!! I am surely IMPRESSED! GREAT JOB!! And I have to agree, I think this is so special, a baby might not enjoy it as much as someone older who would know how much work went into this really wonderful quilt. Just saying... Edwina from Petaluma CA and still on sheep ranch (for 64 years now). Hugs and MERRY CHRISTMAS.