A Quilt for a Brother

I've mentioned before that the little school for autistic kids where I work is a hotbed of fertility. And I love it. It is fun to be around young women who are starting their families. There's a rule that there must be at least one pregnant person at all times.

One of the behavior analysts is expecting her second boy in a very few weeks. I don't usually make quilts for babies after the first one in a family, but I didn't know Laura when Lucas was born, so that doesn't count. I hope she likes this bright collection of Tulas in solids. You might want to click on the photo and enlarge it so you can see the quilting. My machinist is gifted at knowing just which design to use, and the circles on this piece add something special to the quilt.


Janet O. said…
No matter what the mother thinks, the baby is going to love these bright, bold graphics!
Nann said…
What a cheerful quilt! And your machinist did a nice job. Are the blocks of your own devising or did you use a sampler quilt pattern? (And subsequent children are very deserving of quilts of their own, though I understand why the quiltmaker/quiltgiver would set a limit.)
Carol said…
I have always preferred brights for my baby quilts - just like this. However in December I made a quilt for my son's partner's new nephew out of 'Don't let the pigeon drive the bus' fabrics that ranged from lights to mediums and I loved that one also. I think anything goes for baby quilts.
I always like brights more than muted tones. And babies use their quilts past babyhood and into toddlertime anyway. Love this quilt with the different blocks and the circles are perfection.
xx, Carol
Barbara Anne said…
What a wonderful quilt! The fabrics are so happy, the amazing quilting is perfect, and those wee squares in the sashing add delight. Applause! Well done!

Quiltdivajulie said…
Delightful - and just right for a new baby!!