Friday, June 30, 2017

On The Road: Part Five

After two nights at the Lake Lodge, we moved over to Old Faithful Inn, another historic inn that was situated so close to the famous geyser that we could sit on an elevated deck and watch it go off.

We hadn't known, upon our arrival, that we needed a reservation for dinner, so that night we had beer (well, wine for me) and burgers in the adjacent bar area and were completely satisfied. 

The next day we had lunch in the grand dining room (internet photo to the right) and asked our waiter how to get into the dining room that night, since we'd been told they were all filled up. He clued us in, and that night we had a delicious meal in this beautiful setting.
 We continued to travel around the park, soaking up as much of it as we could.

One morning Joe thought he would like to get up early and go hang out in a gulch again to wait for wildlife. The idea didn't hold any more appeal for me than it had the last time, so he went off and I enjoyed hanging around the inn.

 I don't believe that reading is among the many skills that buffalo possess. Clearly these animals had not taken the time to read the sign that there must be at least 150 feet between people and buffalo. The red in this picture is the side mirror of our rented car.

I was surprised at how fond I became of these huge animals.

Yup, Old Faithful him/herself. Looking quite a bit like the photos.

One more stop to go.


AnnieO said...

I dream of seeing Yellowstone someday. Thanks for the glorious glimpses!

Janet O. said...

This is one of my favorite vacation spots--this and the Tetons.
My parents spent their anniversary at that lodge 65 years ago this month. Glad you were able to get a dinner in there.
The adventure continues. :)

barbara woods said...

great pictures

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Thanks for the great pics. I have forever been fond of Bison. Someday I WILL see them in the wild.
xx, Carol