Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Epic Trip Part Fourteen: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Having grown up with the Jersey Shore as my prototype for a beach, I still find it odd when I come to a beach that has a mountain view. November 7 was another change-over day; that is, the end of one scheduled cruise and the beginning of another. A day when it is helpful to the crew for the passengers to spend as much of the day as possible ashore. Star Flyer arrived at Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, right on schedule and was to leave that night for . . .  whoops, I'm getting ahead of myself again.

After breakfast Joe and I went ashore. The promenade along the beach was saturated with shops and cafes. We passed some people eating an interesting pastry and decided we needed to try it. We did. We walked, we talked, we held hands. This was going to be an odd day for us.

We both had what seemed like the beginnings of head colds. I've found that Europe has better medicines for this than the USA, so we found one of those green cross lights that signify "pharmacy" and made some purchases.

We walked some more and had lunch at a beach cafe. And then it was time. Time for Joe to return to Star Flyer and for me to get comfortable in my hotel.

I had a nap. I read my book. I walked down the promenade again and sat at another beach cafe for dinner where I had ropas viejas, a favorite Spanish dish. It was very tasty, but a bit heavy on the chickpeas. I turned in early. I needed a good night's sleep because Wednesday was going to be very busy.

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Curious to see what happens next.