Friday, June 24, 2016

Hee Haw!

This morning I read this article that tells how the City of Philadelphia is going to be populated with decorated fiberglas donkeys in connection with the Democratic Convention to be held there next month. I was very excited! Not to sound at all Trumpish, but it's going to be great! There will be donkeys! They will be colorful donkeys! They will be great!

I think that the Convention is going to be a good thing for Philadelphia, much as I felt that way about the Papal visit last year. A couple of people I know who work in the downtown area grumbled about the Pope's visit and I imagine they'll grumble about the Convention. Disruption in the commuter's routine is tough; I get that. But I'm glad the Convention will be in Philly and I'm tickled red, white, and blue about the donkeys.

Once again, history will be made in Philadelphia when the Democratic Party nominates Hillary Clinton as the first major party woman candidate for President. Back when President Obama was elected the first time, my friend Ruth made a wall quilt in celebration. See where this is headed?

I haven't organized a block swap in a long time. I guess I thought those days were over for me. But I'm thinking a smallish wall quilt celebrating July of 2016 is in order for me. Anyone else? I'm thinking blocks of any size, any color, appliqu├ęd, pieced, paper pieced, a great diversity of donkeys, much like the 57 that will grace the City. I'm thinking said blocks would need to reach me in two weeks, by July 8. If there are four or more people interested in donkey swapping, leave a comment below and be sure I have a way to contact you with further details.

Update:  Welcome Amy, Kathleen, and Liz! Details will be emailed later today. As of now, sign-ups are closed because we need to get going!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Cleanest Cat of All?

The reader may recall that on more than one occasion I have affirmed that, truly, I would rather give a cat a bath than paper-piece.

Over the past year, thanks to a Guild mate or two, I've become somewhat more comfortable with the technique, but only somewhat.

The twenty blocks from Project 48 that I've been calling "word salad" are all finished and most of them are latticed. Before latticing the top row, I thought it was time to piece the letters to make the name of the quilt at the top. I don't know why I feel compelled to do this, but I have to do it.

It takes me about a half of a day to get back into my paper-piecing groove when I start up again. So here I am on day three, with five false starts leading to five discarded letter parts, with four letters finished and five to go. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and print out yet another copy of the patterns for "d" and "r."

See you on the other side . . . .

Saturday, June 18, 2016

They Don't Know I'm a Blogger

"They don't know I'm a blogger," is what I said to my husband after we came home. While I was still seething.

A couple of years ago I had an unpleasant experience when I thought I was going to replace my car. I had seen exactly what I was looking for on the website for the kind of car I was looking for. The price, the color, the mileage: all were right. I cleaned out my car and drove forty minutes to the dealership only to be told that the car had been sold and would I like to look at something else. I would not. I came home, irritated that the car had been listed on the website after it had been sold.

I settled down, kept my car clean and spiffy and decided I wasn't ready to replace it yet after all. That was a couple of years ago. Now it really is time to replace it and I was reluctant to go back to that Lexus dealership after believing that they'd lied to me previously. I spent some time looking at websites for other dealers for a really nice used car. And -- by golly -- I found one! Once again, the color, the price, the mileage all were perfect. And it was a more luxurious vehicle than I was used to. Rather than drive to Mercedes-Benz of Fort Washington only to be told that it had been sold they way it had the last time, I phoned. The car, it turned out, wasn't at the nearby dealership but at a sister property more than an hour away. But, not to worry, they would bring it out to Mercedes-Benz of Fort Washington! How accommodating! Michael at 877-458-2377 could not have been more helpful. He said he would call me back to say when it would arrive. He did call back a little later, but said that there was an appointment to show it to another buyer at one o'clock. He get back to me again after that showing to let me know whether it was sold or whether it was coming east. And once again, he did call back, to say it had not been sold to this party and he was having it driven to Mercedes-Benz of Fort Washington and he'd phone when it arrived. Which he did! I was pleased. I was to go there at the appointed time and meet with Frank, whose telephone number I do not have or I would give it to you.

Because when Himself and I got to Mercedes-Benz of Fort Washington and met up with Frank, he was sorry to tell me that the car had been sold. But Michael didn't know that until fifteen minutes ago. Michael had tried to call me but apparently I was already on my way. Frank wanted to make it up to me; he had many cars he could show me, of newer vintage with fewer miles for the same money! Imagine!

I didn't ask to see the car that Michael had had driven to Fort Washington because I pretty much knew  that it wouldn't be there. I told Frank this had been a colossal waste of my time and we drove home with me muttering "What kind of a person buys a car and leaves it at the dealership for them to drive to show to another buyer?" "What the heck kind of a bait-and-switch is this?" "Are all used car salesmen liars?" And finally, "They don't know I'm a blogger."

I'll settle down in a little while. And before too long I'll replace my car. But the new one won't come from Mercedes-Benz of Fort Washington. That's for darn sure.