Sunday, December 14, 2014

Once Is Enough

Over the years, I've bought a lot of fabric on line. During my taupe phase, I bought and bought and bought from and was always pleased with speedy, friendly service. Then there was equilter and they, too, were speedy and friendly. I'm getting antsy looking up the links at the moment, but trust me when I tell you that Pink Chalk Fabrics is a lovely place and Fabric Worm has the very best hand-picked bundles, and Glorious Color puts all of them to shame with speed of delivery (and don't get me started on their scrap bags -- be still, my heart!). No complaints about the on-line fabric giant -- Hancock's of Paducah -- either.

Someone had told me not to mess with, that this was a giant company whose goal was to put all the others out of business. I had enough places to spend my money, and never really thought about shopping there until December 5.

On that day I needed a particular fabric. None of my regular vendors had what I wanted in the quantity I needed. Google led me to and I placed an order. What I needed fell just a little short of the total needed to get free shipping, so I added a little something more. Each day I was filled with anticipation as mail time came. But mail time was all that came and went. No parcel from  Yesterday morning, December 13, I received an email telling me that my fabric would be shipped on December 15, ten days after I placed the order. We'll see when it ultimately arrives. I'm glad it wasn't something I needed to finish a Christmas gift.

And it's back to the little guys, the independent fabric vendors for me.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy Birthday, Miles!

Miles was born on December 19th and this year the celebration of his birth two years ago will be held today.

I don't believe he is ready to move into a big boy bed quite yet, but when that time comes, he'll have a quilt.

I loved making this quilt. The pattern was for a crib-size quilt, so I made the blocks and sashes bigger and added a generous border. The background is a nice gray Kona and everything else is batik. Everything is hand-buttonhole stitched. The machinist used a meander pattern. Please look at some of the monsters up close and personal. They won't bite!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Black and White Retro TV Stars

April a year ago, a big crowd of us went to Black Rock on retreat. We had friends from two other states come to join us and, by gum, we had a wonderful time. Dear Kathy thought a block swap was in order, and nearly everyone chose to participate. The theme she came up with was "Retro Black and White TV Stars." We were to use only black, gray, and white fabrics, to make 12" finished star blocks, and that was pretty much it. I wanted my quilt to be big, so I made a variety of blocks to swap and saved a bunch for myself. I had a lot of fun trying out some new, complex star patterns.

If you look closely at Block 2B, you'll find a real retro TV star, Lucy, and in Block 4D are The Three Stooges.