Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It could be Thumpin' for Thumone who is No Relation but it could be Thump'n Thpethul Just for Me!

Well, it's not the ankle that's been turned; it's the knee.

I've seen the physical therapist twice and I like him. And not just because he said that this dratted thing will get better. He's just a nice and decent guy who wants me to work hard but not hurt myself in the process. He said to apply ice as many times per day as I want, but not to leave it on longer than 15 minutes. He said I can walk up to 1000 or 1500 steps on a flat surface (yesterday I managed 750 around the track). I rest and I elevate. I take Advil.

Last evening my Circle met at my house for the annual autumn pot luck dinner. I sent out a notice ahead of time that I would need help. One sister came early and set up the chairs. Afterwards, they wouldn't let me near the kitchen and after they left I found the dishwasher had been emptied and loaded and some marvelous left-overs had been placed in the fridge.

Still, somehow, I had done too much. I went to bed at 9:30 and the entire leg throbbed for an hour or more before I was able to finally get comfortable and sleep. Today that has stopped and I mean to keep it that way.

In other Big News, I was the recipient of a most astonishing Random Act of Kindness. A huge box arrived via UPS (does anyone else find herself humming, "O-ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is A-Comin' Down the Street" when that big brown truck pulls up?) and once Himself had brought it into the foyer I could tell it was way too heavy for the Darth Vader flannel sheets I'd ordered for a certain young man's Christmas gift. I couldn't imagine what it could be. We opened it up and -- gasp -- inside was a Go! Accucutter! We were both mystified as we sat down to lunch. And then I recalled that a dear-yet-geographically-remote friend/quilter/Scrabbler had mentioned that she had sent me something and hoped I would like it.

Like it? I am bowled over.

Come on, knee, I have work to do!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

This and That

Disclaimer: The gorgeous photo to the left has nothing to do with this post. My son-in-law took the picture of our older granddaughter this summer and I just need to share it!

So, here are some random accomplishments, thoughts, and observations of recent time:

  • I've been working diligently on the Monster blocks. These are from a now unavailable pattern by Sue Garman that I've had for at least ten years. It is a baby quilt size pattern and I'm going to interpret it as a twin size quilt for Grandchild #6 who is due to move into a big boy bed sometime in the next year. There are nine blocks and I'm hand-buttonholing them. They take time. In some cases there are several layers of bonded fabric and it hurts the fingers a bit to push the needle through. But I'm loving the results. The final project must remain a secret until it is finished, but perhaps I'll share a preview of just one block.
  • I went through my Kaffe/Brandon/Philip scraps (of which there are many because I keep buying scrap bags from Glorious Color whenever she has them) and selected a bunch of green/purple/blue pieces for two sophisticated baby quilts for boys. All of the pieces for both quilts are cut. One will be a Louisiana block and the other the Mazed pattern adaptation. I started piecing the first one yesterday. 
  • People have been so solicitous about The Knee. There is some improvement, but there is a long way to go. I spend a lot of time in my recliner (hence the astonishing progress on the Monsters). Yesterday Honna showed up with dinner and a balloon. We'll have her yummy chicken tonight and it has been a very long time since I've had a balloon!
  • Why is it that when I remove nail polish at home it takes forever but at the salon it comes off Just Like That? Obviously they have some sort of industrial strength remover that isn't available to the rest of us. Snarl.
  • I read We Are Not Ourselves recently and loved it. I had been on the library's waiting list for months and when we were going away for a weekend I broke down and bought it. Well worth the price and I'm glad I bought the real book rather than the Kindle version because it definitely  must be shared (my sister has it presently).
  • I tried the crescent roll apple dumplings recipe and oh-my-gosh don't tell my Weight Watchers leader but they are delicious! No link being provided; there are a couple of versions and Google has them all. 
  • I still don't have even one of my lap quilts for veterans assembled and am ashamed about that. I'm still hoping to get one done before October 7 but those Monsters are so addicting . . . . 
  • I miss the autistic kids and their teachers more than I can say. 
  • Oh, all right, here it is. But don't blame me if you develop a rapid addiction.

Friday, September 26, 2014

In the Pink

The quilt for the ballet school's breast cancer fundraiser is moving right along. The leg pain won't let me sit for long periods of time, so sewing a quilt top is a perfect activity for me: Stitch a little, press a little, stitch a little, press a little, stitch stitch stitch press a lot stitch a little more . . . .

I'm liking this a lot.

You may be thinking it wants a border. I concur. Border fabric has been ordered from Glorious Color and their service is so speedy, I'm likely to be posting a finished top by Tuesday.

Thanks to those who asked/commiserated about the leg. I started physical therapy today and will be going twice each week until further notice. I like the guy and I felt some improvement even with just one visit. Next week I believe he'll give me exercises to do at home. And he's cleared me to walk some, just on level surfaces.

What surprise me is how tiring having this kind of an injury is. I came home from PT and took a full hour's nap. This after sleeping 8 hours last night. And I know tonight won't be a late one, either.