Monday, May 02, 2016

Anniversary Date

May 2, 2006, was the date of my very first blog post.

Ten years. What a ride it has been!

Sam was three months old. He's since been joined by Caroline, Nate, Eli, Aberdeen and Miles in the grandchild department. Several cats have gone and come. Two sons have married. Himself survived a scary heart attack and became even more beloved. Our neighbor was on the verge of turning eighty-five (and he's still going strong up for an evening out on the town from time to time). Our other neighbor has turned into a friend. My employment situation has changed a couple of times. I've completed dozens of quilts. Read a bazillion books. Traveled to marvelous places. Acquired new friends; shed some acquaintances. Visited countless blogs and even met some of the wonderful bloggers. And more.

I started a blog because

  • I like to write
  • I had time on my hands at work
  • I thought perhaps someday Sam (and any subsequent grandchildren) might want to know me better
  • I enjoyed reading and commenting on other blogs
  • I like the idea of a sort of journal
Hoping for another ten years, it's time for a small give-away. Leave a comment, please and I'll draw a name. Oh, and please don't publicize this give-away; it's just for The Regulars. Like you. If the winner is a quilter, the give-away is a fat quarter pack with a somewhat autumnal theme. If the winner isn't a quilter, then it is something else. I'll draw the name on Wednesday.

This would be post 2033, by the way. But who's counting?

Saturday, April 30, 2016

When You Gotta Go

So, Quiltcon is going to be held in Savannah this coming February and the people of Philly Modern are excited to the point that they are considering hiring a bus to get us there. I mentioned this to Himself who thought it might be nice if the two of us went to Savannah at that time, eschewing the fun of the bus in favor of driving ourselves. He'd enjoy seeing the show and finding out what the fuss is all about, and if I should decide to take a class, there would be stuff in Savannah to occupy him during that time. 

The more we've thought about it, the more a few days in Savannah seem like a perfect remedy for a Philadelphia winter. Not to mention visiting our sons and grandchildren en route. The B&Bs that I've considered in Savannah are most inviting. And then there's South of the Border which we visited in December of 1967 on our way to his first duty station in Pensacola, and we'd most likely need to experience again. Oh, yes, we are warming to this idea!

And then the thought occurs:  Do we need to bring our birth certificates along in case we must make a pit stop in North Carolina? Will there be [same sex] sentries at the restroom doors demanding to see them? Will we be denied admittance without them? Or just take our chances?

We have a couple of friends in that state who would undoubtedly share their facilities with us, but Pfafftown and Winston-Salem are a far piece from the dreaded I-95. Oh, dear. Perhaps all of this nonsense will be history by February. If not, we'll plan to pause in Emporia (Virginia) and then high-tail it to South of the Border.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Primary Day 2016

Over the past two weeks as I've driven around Near Philadelphia, I've been intrigued by the dearth of lawn signs for the various presidential candidates. Our area is usually vociferous about these matters.

Honna and I had some time in the car during a long drive on Friday, and I mentioned it to her and asked if she'd noticed. She had. We pondered what the reason might be and she suggested that people are fearful of retribution from non-like minded individuals if they publicize their choice of candidate. I think she's right.

Ordinarily, during the week and particularly the weekend prior to an election, we have to take our house phone off the hook to avoid the plethora of robocalls. Not this year.

Today I'm going to go vote after work. I can't help thinking back to Pennsylvania Primary Day in 2008 when I was so very excited to cast my vote. I'd been working for weeks at the Obama office closest to home and had been exhilarated by the experience.

It is so different this year, where I'm considering which of the current candidates is the least offensive. I've taken the bizarre step of changing my registration to Republican in order to vote against He Who Must Not Be Named. In a conversation with an acquaintance whose strategy is different, I learned that he's voting for that most dreadful of all candidates because of a strong belief that the man will be easily defeated in November.

It's going to be a long summer, folks, and a long and unpleasant early fall.