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Elfster 2019

My Guild, like many groups, does a kind of Secret Santa each year. We do it through Elfster, and the Powers That Be so wisely decided that we would do our annual gift exchange in January, rather than December. 
Elfster allows us to specify favorite colors and say what kind of member-made gift we might like to receive.
I've participated every year since I joined, and have received beautiful gifts. One year I received a marvelous mat to go under the sewing machine; it has four or five pockets hanging down in front. Twice I received exquisite table runners that I rotate to grace my dining table. Then there are the placemats: the blue ones with the meticulous curved piecing, and the unexpected gray and yellow ones. 
This year I drew the name of one of my favorite people in the Guild. She is a fun person who is easy to please. I had a wonderful time making this big tote for her. The fabrics on the front are batiks and the lining is a scrap-of-newspapers print. Inside are some addition…

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