Thursday, December 01, 2016

More Blessed

My church sponsors a food pantry for the area and, unfortunately, has many patrons. To gain access, guests need to go to the church office and the secretary will accompany them to the pantry where they may fill a bag or two twice each month.

Some are like clockwork, the secretary tells me; they are there on the designated day, no matter what. Others are frequent visitors but not quite as regular.

A month ago Laura wrote to the congregation with the idea of providing Christmas gift bags for the adults who come to the food pantry. She wanted to make about fifteen bags, mostly for women, but some for male patrons. She said she was looking for someone to come help her put bags together, one afternoon early in December.

Look no further!

Today was the day! Laura and I spent an hour in the great room, ending up with seventeen gift bags. I didn't get a photo at the end of the project, but here is what things looked like at the beginning.

People were so generous! Each female patron received a scarf, a piece of jewelry, a candle, a lotion and/or bath gel, and something else. I had made enough pot holders to contribute so that each recipient had one of those. There were socks, wallets, gloves, dish towels, word puzzle books, all kinds of things.

We had fun and I got the distinct feeling that this is just the first year we'll be doing this. I think I'll aim for twenty pot holders for 2017.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


It's been a while. A while since we heard from the COW*. But, you know, if I'd been mooing about the election campaign and about the results of the election, I wouldn't have gotten anything else done. No point in going on about any of that (and to moo you the truth, I'm a bit tired of reading about it elsewhere).


I hate my lamp post. I love my home and almost everything about it. We've replaced some doors and fixtures that weren't to our taste. But for some reason, it took for ever to get around to the lamp post. This autumn I decided I'd get a new one and have it by Christmas.

So on October 20 (a little later than I'd planned), Himself and I trucked on up to the lighting store and placed an order. Paid in full up front. The sales slip said it would be shipped October 27. The salesman said I'd have it in two weeks.

Two weeks went by. And then that damn election happened and with all of the non-mooing that I was doing, I forgot about the lamp post. Until yesterday. When I decided I'd better get myself on up to that there lighting store and find out what's what because once the post arrives, I need to contract the electrician to install it. So I pulled out the sales slip with the intention of going there this afternoon. Came home from work at noon to find a message that the guy had called! This morning! Imagine that! Perhaps he was wanting to come by today to deliver it. But, no. His message was that the lamp post would be shipped near the end of next week. And arrive here sometime the following week. If he could be believed. But in any event, entirely too late to get the electrician to get it in before Christmas.

After Christmas comes January, and the ground will be too hard to have the post installed. They could have contacted me weeks ago to say there was a delay. They could have put some pressure on their supplier to honor the commitment they'd made. So I did take myself up to the lighting store today and canceled the order and requested a full refund. If I'm going to have to wait until spring to put it in, I told them, I might as well deal with someone else who would treat me better. They apologized. I accepted the apology. And accepted the refund, too.

*Cranky Old Woman

Monday, November 28, 2016

Tula Pink Blue Yellow Orange

Over the weekend I got an urge to make Tula Pink blocks. I've made a couple of hundred of them in various color schemes. I didn't think I'd need to make more. But that urge came upon me and it wasn't to be resisted.

I've had a fine time.

My plan is for twenty-five of them, so you can see I'm nearly there.

I have a setting for them in my mind, something I haven't done with them previously.