Sunday, September 21, 2014

In The Pink

Last spring my daughter invited me to attend a tea party at her daughter's ballet school. My understanding was that it was a fund raiser for the ballet school, but I was mistaken. It was a fund raiser for breast cancer research. Each year this ballet school director raises thousands of dollars for this worthwhile cause.

It was a glorious affair! Moms, grandmoms, and little girls all dressed in their finest finery and on their best behavior (well, most of us). The tables were elegant and bedecked with tiered trays of tea goodies. There were two rooms full of tombolas of all kinds. People were wearing hats. The high point of the afternoon was the "fashion show" where the little girls walked down the runway to show off their beautiful dresses.  What fun we had!

I told Sherry to ask the director if she would like a pink baby quilt for this year's tea. Well, yes, she would. And what would be better for a pink quilt than Tula Pink? Perhaps Tula Pink's blocks with Kaffe's and Brandon's and Philip's fabrics? Yes, I think so, too. I started my blocks late Friday afternoon. Here's where I am at present. I'm thinking twenty-five blocks with lattice and cornerstones. I'm thinking pink. And I'm having fun. Stay tuned, please, because the twenty-fifth block will prolly be finished on Tuesday. And, yes, I'll be wearing my hat to this year's event. I know exactly where it is.


Janet O. said...

Good for you to offer your services. And I hope you will be well-behaved this time around. After all, you will be wearing a hat! : )

Quiltdivajulie said...

...and please take the camera so we can see some of the hats and dresses . . . happy stitching!!

Barbara Anne said...

What a good and generous idea for an excellent cause. Love the pinks and, of course, only the Tula Pink blocks will do.

Merrily may you sew along, sew along!

The spring tea party sounds delightful!


Synthia said...

Sounds like you are "on a roll" again!! Have a happy hearted day.

LizA. said...

Love, love, love these....and is your hat red?

Tanya said...

It will be so beautful and match the flavor of the party wonderfully with fun and flair. And WHEN did you say this year's tea party is?