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"Never Look Back!"

  This showed up on Facebook this morning and I decided to "share" it on that platform. It reminded me of a conversation I had with Ferne back in 1987 (or thereabouts) when out of the absolute blue, she asked me, "Do you ever stop to think about the exact moment when everything changed?" She gave an example, which I've forgotten. But here's one from our family: If Sherry hadn't asked to play the flute when she was in second grade, she wouldn't have joined the marching band in high school and if she hadn't been in the marching band in high school, she wouldn't have gone to the college that she chose and since she met Chris as part of the college marching band, she wouldn't have married him. So her choice to play the flute at age 8 influenced her whole life (and mine!). My friend John saw the graphic and commented, "Never look back!" I was surprised, because I hadn't been thinking in an "Oh, what if I hadn't . . .&quo

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