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October Retreat

Five of us spent a few nights at our current favorite retreat location and, golly, did it feel good! I had hand-pieced thirty-five Steam Punk blocks as part of my Survive-the-Pandemic-by-Handpiecing strategy, and I had enough creamy fabric left over from a back of something else to make alternate blocks; I thought this might help show off the SP blocks a little better. I didn't have enough for the triangles, however, and my retreat buddies were of the opinion that some sort of a very subtle print was the way to go with them. You prolly can't see very well, but we chose a very pale gray with pale gray speckle dots and I'm pleased with how it looks. Now that I think about it, seeing it all together, I'm of the opinion that a border might be in order. I think the would draw the eye back IN. I had five Gridlock blocks made when I left home and once SP was out of the way, I concentrated on making more of them. I didn't expect to get finished all thirty blocks, but I cert

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