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Visiting Jane

Today Himself and I had some errands up in the Adjacent County, so before we went to the birdseed place and before we went to the orchard (apricots! peaches! blueberries!) and before we had a spontaneous lunch out at Moku, we decided to pop in and visit our friend Jane. Jane and her husband had moved to a continuing care community pretty many years ago. They had a spacious  apartment with an excellent view. They quickly became involved in beaucoup activities. It was a good move! Then Jane's husband, who was considerably older than Jane, passed away. And then Jane herself developed a deteriorating neurologic condition. And so a few months ago, she had to move from her apartment to the medical unit at the community, completely by-passing the personal care interval. Joe and I hadn't seen Jane since the December before the pandemic began, so it's been more than a year and a half. We had heard from a family member that Jane was now using a wheelchair most of the time, so I made

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