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Steam Punk 2: My Methodology

  Someone wrote to ask about accuracy in piecing Steam Punk blocks. So I thought I'd take a little time and explain how I go about making these blocks.  I'd be lost without my big lap desk which is where I do all of my prep work and it stays on my lap while I'm piecing, too. I use a mechanical pencil and a 6 x 1 ruler to mark. On the straight side "interval" pieces, I draw straight stitching lines 1/4" from the edges. On the curved pieces, I use that same ruler and go along the inside edge of the "cap" and the "corner" pieces to make little dashes. I mark a lot .  Then I pin a cap to a pie piece and hand-stitch along the marks I have made. I pin a lot . When that is done, I add a corner piece above the cap and hand-stitch again. Then when I have all four corner-cap-pie pieces stitched, I press the seams in. The next step is to pin the pieced units in pairs with the interval units. Again, I pin a lot . I sew together four pieced units with

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