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Blur is Home!

Blur is home! She came back from the machinist a few days ago and I spent part of the weekend putting her binding on, first machining and then hand-stitching it down. I've entered her in the Mancuso show -- Innovative category -- for September, and in a couple of weeks I'll know whether she's accepted and will, therefore, need a hanging sleeve. I've never done anything like this quilt before and while it was in progress, I often felt pretty unsure of myself. Joe was the one who initially looked at my funny little two-inch squares and suggested I abandon my plan to alternate them with solid white squares. She finishes at 64 inches by 65 (how'd that happen with two-inch squares?) inches. Along the way, support and encouragement came from Wanda and  Julie , and from Lynne , who reminded me that what it would take would be patience and persistence, "both of which I know that you have." Don'tcha love it when someone boosts your confidence so firmly? My mac

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