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Lancaster Diamond: End of January Update

It occurs to me that the end of the month rather than the start of the month is the right time to record an update about my progress on the Lancaster Diamond quilt.  I made a lot of blocks in January. They provided a most welcome distraction from difficult things going on. Techniques used thus far include paper piecing, regular piecing, and hand-buttonhole applique. I've completed all of the applique blocks. For the pieced blocks, I began with the very first block in the book and decided for each one whether to simple piece or to paper piece. I know that our group leader is doing far more paper piecing than I am. While I'm competent at paper piecing, I enjoy the challenge, sometimes, of working out the math to make the pieces,  All through school, math was my weakest subject (well, then there was gym , too) and that has only improved a little bit (the math, not the gym). When I'd measure a piece to go into a block, with bits that involved 3/8" or 5/8", sometimes

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