Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mancuso Show at Oaks

Last Friday, when I still had a leg to stand on, Marsha and I drove out to the Mancuso Quilt show at Oaks. I didn't take a lot of photos and sometimes I get impatient when bloggers share a bazillion show photos. I'm going to share just five.

I took this picture for Joe. When we drive up to the end of the Pennsylvania Turnpike on the way to Chautauqua, there is an area where all at once these gorgeous windmills appear. Joe always admires them, and I've come to love them, too.

My sister is fond of giraffes, and I thought this was a splendid zarpy quilt.

This was an interesting project. It is a diary quilt. Each week the maker created a block that somehow represented something that was going on in her life that week.

No explanation needed, I believe.



Barbara Anne said...

Thank you for showing a few of the wonderful quilts you saw last week!

One of the things I love most about quilting is the bazillion directions each quilter's creativity and imagination can take them. Just look at this small but amazing variety!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Yup - no explanations needed on those last two . . . we enjoy the windmills when driving through Illinois. I wondered if someone hadn't used them in a quilt!

Janet O. said...

Those last two quilts are so appropriate, and the first three are very clever.

chlost said...

Ok, this is silly, but I have to share. As I looked at the beautiful quilts, scrolling down the page and reading the captions, I misread the last two. At first, I thought the next-to-last said that it was a "dairy quilt", and thought to myself that it was a bit odd....then re-read it to realize it was a diary quilt. I scrolled down and saw the cow quilt, and thought to myself..."oh, THAT is the dairy quilt!"
They are all amazing.

AnnieO said...

Sweet small quilts. I like the windmill one a lot. Thanks for the small share :)