Friday, June 23, 2017

On the Road: Part Four

 The drive from Cody to Yellowstone wasn't long at all. And it was beautiful. 

Himself took hundreds and hundreds of photos. I didn't.

When we first got to Rapid City, we bought a super-cheap old-fashioned styrofoam cooler and some pre-made salads, fruit, and beverage. Most of the days we ate breakfast and dinner at the inns and lunch in the car or at a picnic table as we traveled, stopping a time or two to refresh the cooler's contents. All of the inns had ice available.

One day we had lunch with this audacious crow and didn't think twice about breaking the taboo against meal-sharing. The crow was very pleased with the snack mix we offered him.

Once we got to Yellowstone, we started seeing wildlife in abundance again. It wasn't the least bit unusual for the buffalo to be right along the edge of the road or even ambling down the center of the road. You can see by the car mirror how close this fellow came to us. 

We did not offer him any snack mix.

We spent two nights at Yellowstone's Lake Lodge, an immense building that was filled with old-world elegance. It reminded me of something out of The Great Gatsby era. Dinner reservations were a must. We arrived at 3:30 in the afternoon, to learn that check-in time was 4:30. So we settled into the spacious lobby and played with our phones and looked out the windows, and then at 4:30 were told that the room wasn't ready yet. I had mentioned in a previous post that our trip took place in what was apparently the week before "the season" began, and there were snags. At this place, the snag had to do with either insufficient maids or maids that didn't do an efficient job. The desk clerk kept going to check on rooms and reporting that it wouldn't be much longer. At 6:15 I drew his attention to the fact that our dinner reservation was in thirty minutes, that check-in time had been about two hours ago, and that we had been waiting for nearly three. He apologized yet again, this time offering to comp our dinner for us. The room turned out to be very, very nice and the dinner even nicer. Under the circumstances, we didn't see any need to skimp on what we ordered!

 Beautiful animals everywhere, again, often so close to the road that you felt as though you could just go get really well acquainted!

And another photo of the dangerous specimen who was my travel companion, this time checking out some wild flowers.


Barbara Anne said...

What a wonderful day and so very much wild life, fortunately outside your vehicle!

Ages ago we went to DisneyWorld the week before the summer season. Excellent timing on our part - and on your part for this trip!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I would be in Heaven. This is my dream vacation. I Bison right next to your car and lunch with a dream.
xx, Carol

Janet O. said...

I love Yellowstone--having spent many vacations there as a child, and with my own family. We used to see bears all the time when I was little, but now the buffalo are the common sight. However, we did spot a couple of bears over the years we took our children.
I don't know how you dare travel with a man that stops for wildflowers. Did you really feel safe?

Lorraine said...

Thanks for sharing your road trip....really enjoying the sights and places I have only read/heard about.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Nicely handled by that hotel manager --- it was the least he could do for your patient waiting. I travelled West by car as a child. Sadly I was too young to remember much except the endless hours in the back of the station wagon waiting for my Dad or Grandfather to find a bathroom, the funny smell from the Sulphur Springs, and the enormity of Old Faithful. DH and I just might plan some sort of Western trip now that he is retired. I know we'd both like to revisit the Grand Canyon.