Friday, July 06, 2018

Sweet Baby Jane

Someone I know is expecting a little baby girl. I had bought these sweet little prints back in April when we went to Finch, in Lexington, Virginia, and I thought they would make a nice quilt for this baby.

I've worked on it, a little bit most days, for the past couple of weeks, and have enjoyed taking my time and also very much enjoyed the simplicity of the design.

They look a bit like little fishies, I think.

Anyway, this little quilt is now a flimsy and I'm thinking of hand quilting it.

I don't think that the expectant mom will name her daughter Jane, although I think it is a beautiful name. But that's the quilt's name: Sweet Baby Jane.


Janet O. said...

A very nice baby quilt!
My son and DIL were just in MA for a James Taylor concert, so that song will be stuck in my head now. But that is okay, because I really like the song. :)

Barbara Anne said...

Sweet, indeed! What a lovely, placid, and softly happy quilt! HSTs are my favorite block units as they can be combined in nearly endless wonderful designs. Am glad you had fun making this quilt. Well done!


sabung ayam said...
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