Saturday, July 14, 2018

Anne with an "E"

Our family just loved the original Anne of Green Gables series. I think it was PBS produced, and we watched it faithfully when it was on. Sherry, in particular, was captivated by it; she was a little younger than Anne at the time.

We went on a camping vacation in the Maritime Provinces, and ended up in PEI. We visited "Anne's House," and wanted very much to go and see the local production of the Anne story, but we couldn't afford five tickets. I think most of us have maintained a fondness for Anne over the years.

So when Netflix announced a new production, i.e., "Anne with an 'E,'" last year, Joe and I were delighted. We were hoping it was something we could share with Caroline, who was 8 or 9 at the time. This was not to be: In one episode Anne explains human reproduction to her peers. In another episode Anne gets her first menstrual period and is horrified. Not what we'd choose to expose an 8-year-old to.

But Joe and I watched the whole series and liked it in spite of the issues I just mentioned. And I was tickled when I learned that there was a second season on Netflix this summer! We've been watching; it's a very nice antidote to the ugliness in the world just now.

The story lines are interesting, the acting is excellent, the scenery is lovely, and there are messages within the content. The thing that bothers me is an odd thing: The show deals with social issues that are relevant today and there is some overkill. Racial prejudice, suppression of women, discrimination against homosexual persons, and bullying are all addressed in this series. And there is just a little too much emphasis on them; they seem to be forced into the story line. And that's disappointing.

We have one episode left and, of course, we'll watch it. We'll find out (a) if the black guy is able to purchase property in a nice part of town, (b) whether the gay fellow leaves town for a safer environment, (c) if the bully experiences remorse, and (d) whether the lady school teacher who wears trousers is able to keep her job. It's a good show. Except . . . .

Friday, July 13, 2018


As if there isn't enough angst in the world right now, all at once I'm having trouble with Blogger! They won't let me make comments on anyone else's blog. Effective today. No idea why.

Blogging peeps, any ideas?

Frustrated, Near Philadelphia

Sunday, July 08, 2018

In Which We Lead and End

This photo is of my current Leader-Ender project. It's been in the works for quite some time and it's been kind of fun to pick out the combinations from the scraps of Alison Glass.

I swear, those scraps are breeding in that there bin. I've made a couple of projects specifically designed to use them up; this one is no exception. And there are still many, many bits and pieces.

Actually, perhaps the thing to do, now that I need a new Leader-Ender, would be to start a Scrap Vortex out of these particular scraps.

Not a bad idea.

Anyway, this quilt is now ready for latticing (plain Kona Snow is what's on hand).

I like how it looks on the wall. I always take a picture, though, to be sure.