Monday, April 12, 2010

Baskets of Bill, Part Four in a Series

What does a person do while waiting for news of a baby?  During the week, at work, it isn't so hard -- there is plenty to do to take one's mind off of the waiting, the anticipation.  The weekend, however, is Another Story.

A person is very fortunate, indeed, if she is immersed in basket production.  Particularly intricate ones that take a while to make.  These four have been produced since last I posted baskets.  I'm particularly partial to the top one and the one on the left.  The bottom one, the one that appears to be the easiest to make, gave me fits.  Prolly because I was finishing it today, filled with excitement at the news of Nate's arrival.

Isn't it funny -- when we asked Tom what his son's name is, and he told us "Nathaniel Joseph -- he'll be called Nate," I thought, "Well, of course it is Nathaniel."  Although the name had never crossed my mind before!  It just sounds so right!  It was the same way when Samuel was born.  It was as if we'd always anticipated Samuel Eugene.l  And, of course, with Caroline, I had the premonition.

It is hard to wait to meet him.  And, after having Sam and Caroline living just a half-hour drive away, it will be very different having Nathaniel living five hours away. 

Okay, Hambone -- now it is your turn to make an appearance!  We're eager to meet you, as well!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The baskets are great! I can't even imagine what these next few days will be like for you, the intense anticipation is palpable.

Dianne said...

Beautiful baskets!