Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clogged Mailbox, Once Again

I did a search on my blog and found "comment amnesty" in December and in September of 2009. Here we are in April, and I need to claim a quarterly comment amnesty. My mailbox is full once again with a couple hundred emails, at least half of which are blog comments.

I'd done really well for quite a while at keeping up with responses. Well, that's over. For a while anyway.

I'm grateful for each and every comment that my readers have left. I've read every word of every one. I so appreciate your kind words on my posts, on my quilts, on our new family member. It's a busy time of the school year, and it's a busy time of family life, and while I want and need to continue to post to my blog, at present I really, really need to empty my mailbox.

Thank you so much for your comments, especially the most recent congratulatory ones on the arrival of Nathaniel Joseph.  We are truly blessed.  And there's another grandson due in two more weeks!

I'll try again (and prolly again and again) to keep current with my responses to comments, as soon as things settle down.

Golly, that just brought to mind someone I knew about thirty years ago who responded to a similar promise by saying, "Things don't settle down."

I just hope she was wrong!


Judi said...

My dear Nancy, please think of it this way....if you replied to every one of us who left a "congratulations" or "nice quilt" comment, you would have no time to post your blog - and we LOVE your blog.

So keep posting and we will keep commenting, happy in the knowledge that you have read our comments and mostly didn't feel it necessary to respond.

I'm the first to comment on this post - doesn't happen often but I love it when it does!

Tanya said...

AMEN! I think you should declare this a International event and all bloggers are required to participate. A lot of people would bless you!
Congratulations and congratulations again on becoming a proud grandmother!