Friday, April 30, 2010

Thinking Ahead

My recent mis-patch corrected, I have the top for Meg and Ben's baby finished.  The more I look at those little trees, the more I love them.  I'd like to get this sandwiched and pin-basted so I can be handquilting or tying it when I go to see Amy and Andrew after Hambone's birth.  I don't have a name for this quilt yet and am certainly open to suggestions.

I noticed -- once again -- what a mess the sewing studio has become!  I so admire people who are neat by nature and automatically tidy everything up after a project is completed.  Of course, it doesn't help to always have at least three projects in the works the way I do.  So I took a little time and put the Baskets for Bill and the Farmer's Wife into project boxes.  I gathered up the caramel and indigo fabrics I have for another basket project and put them all together in one place.

Then I started cutting 2.5 inch strips to finish the wee little 9-patches for that swap.  As soon as those are finished, I have my FQ Shop mystery block to do -- I hope sometime this weekend -- and now another FQ BOM has begun:  I subscribed to Martinique in a moment of utter weakness.  So that will be next up.  And then I have a few gifts to make for this summer.  And a dress for Caroline.  And a couple of cute pillowcases for Sam and Caroline.

So many ideas.  So little time.


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

I absolutely can't start a new project while there is any mess from a previous project. The problem with that is when I'm in the middle of two or three projects at once. And also that I sew where anybody can see the mess from the living room and kitchen (through a big doorway, but the door is glass, so shutting it doesn't close things off.) I've learned to split the difference between mess and keeping things handy. I use a lot of bins that come out for certain projects.

Pat said...

So glad you recovered from your bleary-eyed patching. The quilt is lovely -- what nice, soft colors!

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To get that scant quarter inch seam, just scaruch your fabric over a bit.