Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Farmer's Wife Goes to Chautauqua

Remember The Farmer's Wife and all the frustration I had with that project?  The one with all the dratted templates?  Some of which didn't seem accurate?  I decided that there was no joy for me in struggling with the templates.  And two of the people I was swapping blocks with were having a worse time than I was.  People, this is supposed to be fun!  I have come up with a solution! 

First of all, I absolved those two swapmates of any responsibility to me.  I certainly didn't want them struggling on my behalf!  Second, I looked at the options in the back of the book -- and decided that instead of attempting to make the entire 111-block quilt, I would go for the lap version, at a mere 50 blocks.  Third step, of course, was to count my blocks and see how many were lacking.  And fourth, I set The Farmer's Wife aside and turned to Around the Block where I selected sixteen very nice, very appealing six-inch blocks that would all look very well set on point.  Knowing I was ready to go on vacation, and wanting something to bring along, I spent an evening selecting fabrics, cutting components, and making sixteen tiny baggie kits.

We've been pretty busy since we set foot at Chautauqua, and this afternoon I had a long empty spell (before going to the 3:40 showing of "Letters to Juliet" [predictable but charming]) and I set up Bernina and got out my kits and then tried to find a place to plug in the iron where I wouldn't blow a fuse (lesson learned Monday morning when drying hair at the same time himself was making coffee).  And got four of my blocks made!  From top to bottom:  Contrary Wife, Brave World, Attic Windows, and Rising Star.  

I've not looked at the schedule for tomorrow, but I just might find the time to make some more of them.  In between attending lectures, programs, recitals, concerts and oops, sorry, but it is time to head out to get a bite to eat before tonight's Symphony!


Anonymous said...

I read on another blog (sorry I forget which one) that the templates for some of the blocks were wrong in The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book. I remember stating that you can get the corrections at the publisher's website. I haven't tried that yet, but thought that I'd pass on.

Anonymous said...

I misspoke - you can get downloads for the quilt blocks - all templates on one page - at the publisher's website. On the author's blog, she lists corrections to templates on the first printing and instructions on how to properly set up printer.

floribunda... aka Julie said...

I love making little kits for myself -- great for vacations, sewing days with friends, or just times when you want to sew but don't want to handle a rotary cutter!

w.v.: petat -- a summer sound heard around watermelon stands

wordmama said...

It sounds like a great time. Music, movies and quilting in between.

I took 2 applique blocks on vacay last week and I got 3 (!) petals done.

Bummer in the summer!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I make myself up kits-to-go too. You are one busy gal, even on vacation!

LizA. said...

There is a yahoo group "farmerswifesampler" If you join the group, there are all kinds of helpful files on the yahoo site. some of them give you alternatives for the templates, i.e. Marti Michell's template sets etc. There are also files in which all the templates for each block are all put on one page. I have found them very helpful.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Good for you ... there is no law that says something MUST be finished in the manner it was started (particularly when so much frustration is involved).

Yes, we are supposed to ENJOY what we are doing.

Love how you are spending your vacation ~ what a wonderful place.

Judi said...

My goodness, Nancy - do you ever slow down?

I like your idea of making up little kits. I must give it a try - and actually keep the instructions WITH the pieces!

I am absolutely with you on enjoying our quilting. I tend to look on a quilt project like a novel - if I get part-way through and am not enjoying it, there are plenty more that I WILL enjoy, so I move on.


Gretchen said...

Love hearing about your Chautauqua trips. Do you have to know how to spell and say it before you can attend??

WV: imous--Apple's latest creation especially for cats. Edgar Poe definitely wants one.