Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mu Shu Pork and Fortune Cookies

The day we joined our church, my friend told me that her Circle was meeting the next night and I should come.  So I did.  At that time the church had a women's organization with a large membership; it was divided into morning and evening "circles" named for women of the Bible.  I became a member of Deborah Circle, a group of about 15 women who grew to become movers and shakers in our congregation.  We meet once a month from September through June and have devotions, a topic or project, a brief business meeting, and the all-important refreshments.  One of our members has an in-ground swimming pool, and she invites us for a pot luck supper and swim in July.   And it used to be that nothing happened in August, Circlewise.

Then one Sunday morning, just before the service began, three of us were in the back of the church and out of the blue, one of us said, "Let's go out to the Chinese restaurant for dinner tomorrow night."  Thus began the Deborah Circle Almost Annual Chinese Dinner.  In twenty-five years, I've only missed one of them and still regret it.  Eventually the closest Chinese restaurant became too grungy for our patronage and it didn't help when Joe learned of our concern and began making comments about there being fewer stray cats in the area.  So we moved to another venue and at that place began a new custom, that of ordering "drinks with umbrellas."

Last night fourteen of us gathered for food, fellowship, mild misbehavior and drinks with umbrellas.  It was a good time.  We relived old comedy, caught up on each others' lives, and made some vague plans for the September meeting (I believe it is to be a pot luck salad supper at my house).  I came home full and happy and thought that in the midst of a great deal of change in my life, this group of wonderful women is a constant.  And that is good.


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Good for you, Nancy. We neeeeed our women friends all thruout our lives. I wouldn't be able to make it without them!

Anonymous said...

While I am a relative newcomer to our church circle - mine is Dorcas & meets in the afternoon, my daughter belongs to Joy and meets in the evening. We meet in August for a kickoff potluck for both circles and tonight was it. We had the most marvelous speaker - the mother of 3 of our younger members who is a missionary in the bush in Alaska. There were 32 of us for a marvelous time of fellowship. Some of the members have been involved for over 20 yrs., daughter Janet for 12 and me a mere four. We live in a very rural area and I could not do without these marvelous ladies. Nancy, you are so lucky to have such a group - God is good. Love, CA cuz

Belva said...

Our women friends are a special gift. My book club has been meeeting for 10 years and every year we have a weekend "retreat" at one member's farm house. It's so wonderful to have traditions with these special people.

altar ego said...

I'm so glad for you that you have this group (among so many other "sisters!"). One of the sadnesses of my life is the lack of longevity in any one place where such a history can build. And as clergy, well, it's hard to find a group with whom I can just let my hair down and "be." I long for retirement, in that we ought to be able to be in one place until the end. Time will tell. In the meantime, I am entrusting my sisterhood membership to you, if that's not too much of a burden to ask.

Micki said...

Sounds like a wonderful group. We really do need our women friends. Enjoy it!