Monday, August 02, 2010

Real Quick, Now --

-- anyone want the pattern set for this quilt?

I was gathering up everything that I need to send out in the mail for my various giveaways, and found the patterns from this quilt.  Picture is a bit blurry but the quilt turned out great and I thoroughly enjoyed making it.

But I know I won't make it again.  And I'd like to give the patterns to someone who would like to make it.

First person to leave a comment to that effect gets the patterns.  I want to make only one trip to the Mailboxes place.  Please be sure to let me have your address.

Claimed by Synthia at 8:52 -- it will go out in tomorrow's mail.


Lisa said...

I love it!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

It is a wonderful pattern and an even better quilt! Well done. I don't need another pattern, please don't enter me in the drawing... too many patterns here as it is. The guilt associated with that can be overwhelming at times.

You are super generous to you readers, a blessing to us all!

Pat said...

Who wants the pattern? -- I want the quilt! It is loverly. I hope Synthia send you a picture when she finishes it.