Thursday, August 12, 2010

Something Completely Different

I mentioned yesterday in my rant comments about The Farmer's Wife that I hadn't been sewing since coming to Chautauqua.  Haven't been blogging, either, someone might point out. 
But that doesn't mean the fingers have been idle.

We spend a lot of time attending lectures and concerts at a huge venue (I believe it seats 5,000 but perhaps I'm making that up), the Amphitheatre.  Called "The Amp" by the community, it has a large stage and uncomfortable wooden pew-benches going up at impressively steep angles.  Before a scheduled event, you'll see hordes of people briskly walking in the direction of The Amp, each carrying a situpon or two, an absolute necessity for bun preservation on those benches.  Usually we plan to arrive early in order to get the seats we prefer.  People bring along books, needlework, newspaper puzzles, Kindles, journals to fill the time while waiting for the lecture or concert to start.  And it is an informal setting, so people often continue to work on what they've brought during the event.

I had bought some stamped bibs to embroider and brought them along to work on at The Amp.  And just look what I've accomplished!  Stamped embroidery hasn't been "my thing" for many years, and it still isn't really, but with all of the reproducing my children and my friends' children have been doing, I've brought it back. 

These four are done.  I have two more for the remainder of the week.  A cow.  And, as Caroline says, a peeeeeg.


Pat said...

What a wonderful way to let you mind absorb the culture while still keeping that ol' devil away from your idle hands! Very "old school" cute, those bibs. GG Deck is going to have to get her fingers busy too!

Micki said...

That must have been so much fun,and how neat that you did some sewing during the whole event!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Future grandbabies (and their Nana) are extremely thankful for the precious gift of you, your time, your heart! Thank you my dear friend. I discovered these on my desk when I returned today from a whirlwind week away. I had a feeling that maybe you had blogged about these... lo, and behold!

Much deep gratitude, and big hugs, are winging their way to you!