Sunday, August 01, 2010


Earlier in the week, Polly mentioned that there was a good new restaurant where the old Inn Flight used to be in Abington.  Called Timber Grill, she said she'd had a very good meal "and it wasn't terribly expensive."

After our plans to go sailing this afternoon were rained out, we decided to check out the restaurant, taking along our favorite dining companions.  We didn't have a reservation, and arrived about 6:30 to a pretty full parking lot.  Nonetheless, we were seated quickly (though the hostess was a bit brusque and lacking in warmth).  Part of the restaurant is carpeted and has cushioned seats dressed up in big gingham with skirts.  We were seated in the other part, more private, but with cushionless seats on a hard floor that proved to be rather slippery, a real issue for Frank who just had knee surgery and is super cautious in his footing.  The interior is beautiful with lovely photographs of trees and hardwood touches here and there.

Our server was Bill, who lost points with me immediately by calling us "Guys" and "Yiz."  All of the employees seemed very young; I think the place would benefit by some more maturity in the staff. 

The menu was interesting, and it wasn't easy to decide.  Maggie declared, "We should each get something different," and so we did.  She and I started with mojitos; I wanted to give it a "B-" but she pointed out that it really tasted quite a bit like 7-Up and was served in the wrong kind of glass, and gave it a "C."  She and I shared a first course of grilled calamari in beurre blanc which was an unusual presentation and quite tasty.  The bread was late arriving, but when it came it was a delicious focaccia that I awarded an "A-." 

Portions were generous but for the most part not over-the-top, which was to our liking.  None of us likes to waste food.  Joe had the burger and it was so thick and so abundantly garnished that he couldn't wrap his mouth around it.  It came with mixed white and sweet fries, and he liked all of it.  Frank had a small steak which was cooked just right along with a baked potato that came loaded with cheese, bacon, sour cream, butter, scallions, and godknowswhat else.  It was a meal in itself.  Frank managed to down half of it and pronounced it very good as was the steak.  Maggie's pork chop was also a very generous offering; she liked it very much, and also liked the al dente asparagus.  My choice was the vegetarian plate: I had mixed grilled mushrooms that were superb, the al dente asparagus, a couple of thick grilled beefsteak tomatoes and the best couscous I ever tasted. 

The food came quickly enough, and Bill didn't make a pest of himself checking in every two minutes.  He did stop by once to see if things were okay; but near the end of the meal, before Frank had finished, Bill returned, wanting to clear and take orders for coffee.  I pointed out to him that Frank was still eating and he left, making quite a point of not returning again for too long of a time.  Clearly he was peeved. 

Maggie's coffee cup had a big chip in the rim.  Frank ordered creme brulee and  said it was good, though there was too much garnish for his taste.  The rest of us were too full for dessert.

The food was very good and as Polly said, the prices were not bad.  It's nearby with plenty of parking and a lovely interior with decent music at an appropriate decibel level.  Would I go back? Yes, I would.  Just not to Bill's section.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You are a great reviewer! Mediocre service makes a giant impact... what a shame. The food sounds delicious, yum.

Denise in PA said...

Thanks for the review! I pass Timber twice a day and was wondering! I also wonder what happened to Inn Flight - that's been around since I was a little kid (and that's a pretty long time!)

Pat said...

Hmm. Lots of memories from the old Inn Flight. We might give it a try. I wonder if service is affected in any way by having the hospital as a captive audience.