Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Yoo Hoo, Fitzy . . .

Back in August of 2007, shortly after Joe and I returned from our magical Star Flyers trip to Greece in celebration of our fortieth anniversary, I pondered the possibility of trying to sell some of my quilts to start a savings fund for another Star Flyers trip.  I got over that idea pretty quickly.

Then I took a part-time job doing medical transcription, thinking that would be the way to go.  Got over that pretty quickly, too.

Another Star Flyers trip did happen; a year and a half ago we went to the Windward Islands.  And I've come to think that if another trip is in the stars for us, it will happen somehow.

But, getting back to summer of 2007, some of the pondering I did happened in blog posts.  And one of you, QuiltingFitzy, wrote this in a comment:

PS...try looking at for a really easy way to save. They have an internet savings account that pays 4.5% and I have been using them since 2001 with no issues. If you have any ?, drop me an email. I'm just a really happy customer 8^)

I'm not a good saver.  Never have been.  It's a flaw in my make up.  But what Fitzy was proposing sounded like a sane idea, and I set up an account that automatically deducts a small amount weekly from our regular checking account.  We never miss it.  In fact, I don't even look at the monthly statements they send me. 

Last year that ING account funded our summer vacation to North Carolina.  And I haven't touched it since then.

We have an antique loveseat that needs rebuilding and recovering.  And we both hate our refrigerator, one that simply will not die despite our evil wishes towards it.

This morning I got a notice that the ING statement was ready.  So I went and looked.  And lo!  Behold!  Come September, there will be enough money to fund one of those projects.  Painlessly! 

So, Fitzy dear, if you are still following this blog, thank you for the idea (three years later)!


Pat said...

So the motto Nearf Philadelphia, is "EUREKA!"? Very cool story. Will have to look into that one.

Susan said...

We, too, have an ING account and while I move money in and out of it at will, I have never spent the interest accumulated over the last five or six years. That's being saved for our children's weddings. Since our older son is the only one of the three of "marrying age" and he's not even dating anyone at the moment, it looks like the amount will continue to grow.

Sweet P said...

We've had an ING account since they opened. I love it. We don't miss the money and have used it as part of our yearly vacation fund. I have even started a second ING account for my fabric and yarn purchases.

AnnieO said...

Oh, to be a saver....I'm not one of them either! Every time I put some cash away, somehow it ends up being needed sooner than planned. But great that you took that idea, ran with it, and got to GO PLACES on it! Wonderful idea.

ytsmom said...

Are you still getting 4%? I checked this out and it is only paying 1.1% APY. I need to pay myself back some money, and am not doing a very good job!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Yes ma'am, I'm here. I'm just a little pokey, lol. Darn j-o-b gets in the way of my reading.

I'm thrilled that you opened an account. I've had mine since 2000 when I was newly divorced and poorer than a church mouse.

Sure, the interest isn't that great right now, but it's STILL better than the "passbook savings" rate available at your local bank. And as you know, it's pretty painless..and it's not a money-losing deal for sure.

It started out as my travel $ fund, and I only took a transfer once. Dh#2 is well on board (6 years), and refuses to touch the account. Wonder what he dreams of using the $ for!!

Thanks for the shout-out, scared me half-to-death!! 8^)