Sunday, January 08, 2012

2012: First Finishes

Late yesterday I had my first two finishes for the New Year.  Polly's birthday is this week. She has just moved into a new apartment, alone, and I thought it would be nice for her birthday present to be something she could use in the new home. Since I haven't visited yet, I don't know her colors. But I think that an Amish-style something will go almost anywhere. I had some Cherrywood FQs that I had bought a few years ago that I'd never used, and chose three of them to make Polly a table runner and a pair of pot holders (of course!).  They are bordered in Kona black. The pot holders are insulated, but the runner isn't. I had never sewn with Cherrywood before, and was amazed at how sheddy it is. I had wee wisps of fabric all over the place.

On Friday night I had a terrific dream! There is a party scheduled for this evening, to honor Abby's mom, who has just become engaged after many years as a single parent. My dream was about the party; it was well-attended and everyone was so happy. When I saw Abby, I reached into my handbag and pulled out a dark pink belt that I'd made for her as a surprise, and she was just delighted, putting it on immediately! 

Clearly, I thought, this was a dream to make come true, so yesterday at Burkholder's I bought the fabric and when I came home, I made the belt, and it is all ready to go into my handbag, to surprise Abby when I see her later today.


Pat said...

The runner and the potholders will certainly brighten a new apartment. What's not to love about them! And I covet the fabric on the belt. I don't know why I thought it was pink and lime when I saw your other picture -- it's equally stunning as pink and yellow. YOu are in a very happy fabric mode, m'dear!

Janet O. said...

Nice, thoughtful gifts, Nancy. Such beautiful fabrics. I have never worked with Cherrywood, either, so I haven't experienced the shedding.
May you have a deja vu experience at the party with that belt. : )

one line lane said...

Love the runner and potholders and especially love your dream story and your follow-through to make the 'dream come true'