Desperate Times Call for Desperate Action

Or, in other words,

It's time to clean up the sewing studio.

The space is beyond dreadful. I can't find a thing. There are open fabric boxes all over and fabric out of boxes and this and that and mess and oh dear it is really seriously awful. There's been a cleaning and reorganizing virus going through bloggerville, most recently noticed at Piecemeal's place (a major ongoing effort in her case) and I really need to give in before I come home and find a sign like this one (doncha LOVE "Commissioner of Health and Mental Hygiene"?) on my door.

I've got Show that needs to be shown and Tell that I'm wanting to tell and there is all this clutter in the way. Marsha and I went out to Round Bobbin on Saturday and I spent far more than I'd intended and I want to share my fun with you. A couple of people have asked to see the lamps resplendent in their new shades. And there's been some nice progress on the Dresdens. Not to mention the charity quilt that I'm finishing up that Julie started (speaking of Dresdens, just look at what she's been doing!). The Olympics start all too soon and I still don't have everything lined up for that (though the Dresdens prolly would be happy to enter as a new event). 

While I've been surfing to stall the clean-up, I somehow came across this great-looking new publication. I ordered two -- one for me and one for a give-away on my 1500th post, sometime later this summer.  I also discovered this new blog that I'll likely add to my sidebar when things settle down.

Okay. I've provided a healthy half-dozen links for you to explore. Have fun. Meanwhile, you know where I'll be and what I'll be doing. Before the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene strikes. And puts up a yellow sign that may not be removed.


I can send you an organizer! My granddaughter is an organizing fool. She is begging me for a labeling tool and in the interim has put little post it notes on every drawer and plastic container I have in the studio. Thank goodness I cleaned up before she got here!
I have been following "In Color Order" for a while. If I can suggest another, I really like Film in the Fridge (
Bobbi said…
I cannot help but notice the distinctly Modern flavor of this blog post. Between the new mag (that I am happy to have been a Kickstarter for!) and the new blog, def Modern!
Char said…
Thanks for the link to Piecemeal's place and the new publication. I may order it also, looks interesting.
I've been following Jeni for a while, it's a great blog.
I keep saying I'm going to organize, uh could be time for an intervention!
howdidIgethere said…
I spent the hot-hot-hot 4th of July puttering around my sewing room and doing some reorganizing. Didn't even realize it needed it until I'd finished and could see the improvement. As I LOVE to sort and organize stuff, it was a day pleasantly spent. Though I haven't worked much in there since, it's still nice to just open the door and admire the nice and clutter-free space! Have fun! (And if it's not fun, give me a holler and I'll come running.)
Barbara said…
I so enjoyed your post on searching for the lampshades. About 6 years ago we took my father back to Philadelphia. We saw his childhood home in Manyunk, we stayed in Lafayette Hill, fell in love with Chestnut Hill, and passed King of Prussia to visit my uncle. Dad died the following year. Thank you for bringing back these lovely memories.
Bobbi said…
Kickstarter is an online resource for anyone (or plural) to get funding for anything they can convince someone else to support! I've done a few now, Gen Q magazine start up funding, and another was to support Olivia's friend in Portland who needed $ to create an artist studio space in an old warehouse. Both successful launches. I think that is now fully functioning with a dozen studios and they guys have just rented a second warehouse. (I'll visit when I go to Maine this summer)

"You" read the plan and decide if and how much to pledge. They usually give you some incentives for pledging. If they get enough pledges to meet their stated goal within the timeframe, you pay the $ - if they don't, you don't pay. Later on, you will get your "reward" but for me, the reward is more the idea of supporting a good idea that might blossom into something really great.

There have been some big $ ideas, but most are pretty modest, with modest participation by many people. You don't get any money back or any ownership - just good warm fuzzy feeling and maybe some thank you participation gifties.

I LOVE Kickstarter the way I love kiva and a few other do-gooder, feel good projects.
Quiltdivajulie said…
LOVE the yellow sign -- and thanks for the "shout out" !
go on get it done.............I have made great progress with my sewing stuff..........nearly done..........should be sewing later today........
Janet O. said…
Good luck organizing, Nancy. Don't get lost under everything as you work. : )
Susan said…
Good luck with the organizing, Nancy! I posted about this on my blog with a link to yours.

I made my first visit to The Round Bobbin last week and it will definitely not be the last! I love the openess of the store and the great quilts on display. The people who work there are very friendly and helpful, too. My willpower weakened and I left with some fabric that I love, but have not specific plans for.

I haven't commented for awhile, but wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the pictures and ocmmentary on your Scandinavian trip. I went to a college founded by Danish Lutherans and we celebrated many Scandinavian traditions. I would love to go to Denmark someday, but for now I'm happy to have "traveled" with you.
Pat said…
I'm wondering why you want to be different than the rest of us -- buried in fabric and good intentions, WIPs and UFOs hanging from the rafters, and parts of our brains strewn on the floor.

I need to clean as well, but I'm waiting for cooler weather!!
Gretchen said…
My sewing room is in the same state of disarray. I need one of those signs too. I have grand plans of working on it next week while S. is out of town. Let's see how that goes LOL. I purchased GenQ and enjoyed it. Nice size & format and I hope it continues to grown. I also subscribe to Fat Quarterly & really enjoy it too. Thanks for the new link to In Color Order. Eye candy!