Post #1490

It occurs to me that perhaps my readers don't know my sweetheart very well. I allude to him from time to time. I post pictures of him.

Here are some things you might like to know:

...When I met him he had bright orange hair.
...And he's an architect.
...But he's a lot more sensible than Howard Roark.
...He's a good father.
...And even better grandfather.
...He makes better french toast than I do.
...He gardens.

...He's patient (would have to be, living with me).
...He's funny.
...He would never wear a pink shirt.
...He thinks Martin Sheen is the Real President. Or should be.
...He made my design wall for me.
...He loves Blackberry.
...He enjoys sailing. His own boat or a Star Clipper ship.
...He sketches.

These photos were taken and sent to me by a lovely lady we met on our trip to Scandinavia. What a nice surprise.

Speaking of surprises, when I get to Post #1500, I'm going to have a give-away.


LizA. said… sweet. Bright orange hair, huh?
Janet O. said…
Thanks for introducing us to the man in your life. Sounds like a nice person with whom to share your days. And he does a good job sketching. The two of you have obviously made a great pair!
Wow, Nancy, almost 1500 posts! And I'm having a giveaway for my puny 100. Oh, well, we do what we can. : )
Sandra said…
Let me add my congratulations on your anniversary. You must be filled with gratitude for having found such a wonderful man to share your life. I am about your age, and when I think back to how naive we all were in the 60's about choosing a mate for life. So much was based on looks, chemistry, and if we had fun together. It truly is a marvel that lucky people like you are still happy 45 years later.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Thanks for this wonderful post, it's so sweet and loving; I'm partial to redheads myself. Happy Anniversary to two terrific people! Great sketch, Joe~
suz said…
Guess it's true what they say...the good ones are taken!
Deb said…
Congrats on your Anniversary - sounds like you have a keeper!
Judi said…
Wow - I already knew a lot of the nice things you say about Joe, but am hugely impressed by how he sketches!

Many congratualtions on your Sapphire Anniversary!