Monday, July 09, 2012

What We've Been Up To

Before we went to Scandinavia, I'd begun hand quilting this little baby quilt that I'd made for Carol's new granddaughter, Lucy Paige. When we returned home, I had just the border to do, and it has taken nearly a month to do that and to get the binding on! The quilting on the main part of the quilt is just diagonal lines, as you might be able to see. What doesn't show up so well is the border which is a twisty-turny heart design. It might be visible if you click the photo to enlarge it.

The quilt is made from a Moda charm pack that I'd acquired before swearing off all-one-line-of-fabric quilts.  The border fabric is something different, from a different manufacturer, even. I bought it in Intercourse the last time we were at White Oak and Honna and I stopped at Bitty Kinna's, a new-to-us shop that we just loved. Carol is going up to New England for Lucy's Baptism next week, and she'll take this quilt along.

Lucy's quilt is draped over an Adirondack chair, but not just any Adirondack chair. Some years back, when we went up to hear Tom who was participating in Loon Lake Live! as a violist, we bought two genuine authentic Adirondack chairs and a matching foot rest to bring home for our deck. It is not exaggerating to say that we used them so much that we wore them out.  I thought perhaps we might take a trip up to Lake Placid and get another pair, but Joe had a better idea.

 He took apart one of the dying chairs, made a pattern, bought some gorgeous cedar, and -- viola! we have a new pair of hand -made chairs! They are even more comfortable than the originals, if that is possible. 

Already at least two people have requested that Joe make a pair for them. We'll see.


Suzan said...

Sweet baby quilt and I love that you hand quilted it. Every time I hand quilt it looks as if a bunch of monkeys got into the needles and thread. I have been quilting a 17" square pillow top for about 16 months. I hope to finish it in my lifetime.

Quayquilter said...

Love the chair but hope you've made a patchwork cushion for it and you must be proud of Joe piecing together a new one. Oh and the quilt is pretty too. I'm sure baby and mum will love it. All well here but snowed under with patchwork group commitments. August should be clearer.

Bobbi said...

What a creative pair you are! Enjoy those chairs, just beautiful.

suz said...

The baby quilt is very sweet. Love the chair - what a talented man Joe is!

Char said...

Love the wonderful colors in the baby quilt!
That chair is gorgeous! He did an excellent job. It's something my husband has done before ( years ago before we were married) I may have to hit Tom up for a pair myself.

Janet O. said...

Very nice baby quilt, Nancy. Alas, I couldn't see the border quilting in the enlarged photo.
Joe's chair is amazing! I LOVE it! Wish we were neighbors so I could sit there with you--or have him make me a pair! : )

cityquilter grace said...

adorable quilt, simple pattern but as always the fabric makes it wonderful!