Thursday, February 18, 2016

This and That

First, here's This. This is the latest block in Project 48, and my favorite so far.

I'm surprised at myself for keeping up to date with this weekly block construction. My blocks use fabrics with text, letters, and writing. The quilt is being thought of as Word Salad.

I have a couple of quilts nearly ready to share. One will be gifted next week and another is a a graduation gift and yet another is a contribution for my school's upcoming fundraiser. And the blind man is still on the wall, where he's likely to be for a long time.

Then, there is That. Do you have any idea what it is? A sweet, nonquilty, nonbloggy friend phoned a couple of weeks ago and asked if she could come by to "drop something off."

Seems that her man is a woodworker and she got intrigued by his process and decided to give it a try herself. She got a lathe (whatever that actually is) and some beautiful wood and worked the wood on the lathe and produced this gorgeous gift for me. I was absolutely delighted!

Have you figured out what it is?
Look! It is a double-ended quilting tool! One end is a seam ripper (my friend knows me all too well) and the other end is a stylus!

This tool now lives in my sewing studio, right beside my Bernina.

And I use it.



Karla said...

I love you! <3

Janet O. said...

That is a fun, wonky center to the block.
I love beautiful wooden objects with practical use! What a lovely gift--and made by your friend makes it all the more special.

Barbara Anne said...

Love your newest Word Salad block and think it is jazzy!

What a delightful and handy gift to receive from your friend. I applaud her bravery and success in using a lathe to make it, too. Talk about going bravely!!


Lori said...

Love your gift! So precious that it is hand made. I look forward to seeing your quilts. Have a great weekend.

Quiltdivajulie said...

DH is a woodturner and owns a big lathe and a mini lathe. If your friend hasn't already shared photos with you, let me know and I will share a few from DH's studio.