Sunday, March 06, 2016

Project 9/48

Yesterday a group of us went out to Lancaster County to shop for fabric at Burkholder's. I had misread the coupon Gene had sent out earlier. I saw 28% off and planned a trip. After three others had committed, I noticed that the 28% off was only for two specific lines of fabric. Oh, well. I needed some baby size batts and Gene's batt prices are good, and a day out with girlfriends is a a good day.

So off we went. I picked up a couple more text/letters/numbers prints for my Project 48 as well as fabric for the borders and back of Tula Gray. Sometime this month I hope to get Tula bordered and off to the machinist. Also scheduled to get quilted this month is Gato Limpio. So I'm sticking with my hope to finish UFOs.

Here's a picture of the nine blocks I've completed for Project 48. I'm pleased to be up to date, and pleased as well with the blocks thus far. I doubt I'll get all 48 into one quilt. My present plan is to try for 25 of them using these texty fabrics and some lattice, and then to use some other fabric type for the remaining blocks and a different small quilt. We'll see. It's been fun thus far and I'm pleased to have kept current.


Barbara Anne said...

What fun to have a day out with friends, a great quilt shop as a destination, and perhaps lunch together!

Your Word Salad quilt is a delight and am glad it's fun to work on. Will you use a dark lattice as the blocks look against their black background in the photo?

Today I'm sewing the last two diagonal rows of Brian's star quilt together so its center will be finished! It's a twin size quilt.


cityquilter grace said...

nice blocks...texty fabrics are fun to play with...and ahhh burkholders...batik heaven!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Outing, friends and fabric... the best of all days!

Janet O. said...

I think any excuse for an outing with friends is a good one--even if it is a misread coupon.
Keeping up with a SAL feels good, doesn't it? Of course, I don't speak from experience.

Judi said...

A day out with friends to a quilt shop - what's not to like? I assume you had lunch somewhere too. Does the Park Diner not have their discount coupons anymore?


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