Saturday, May 06, 2017

We'll Always Have Paris

 A little more than a year ago, Himself and I were in Paris in anticipation of our Viking river cruise to Normandy. The day that we arrived, we met up with our darling great niece, Abby, who was spending her second semester of her junior year studying there. I believe we were the first folks from home and she was awfully glad to see us. We had a wonderful time together.

Now Abby's graduating college and plunging right into a master's program. A family celebration was held in her honor.

Here's Judy modeling the gift I made for Abby while we were on retreat a couple of weeks ago. I believe you can click the photo to enlarge it and see that the apron fabric is all scenes from Paris. I made my niece a pair of pot holders from the scraps.


Synthia said...

Beautiful niece.....cute apron! What a good aunt you are........

Janet O. said...

A thoughtful gift.
Has Judy considered a career in modeling?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Wonderful post; great handmade gifts and treasured memories of your time together, well done!

Barbara Anne said...

How perfect that you had the Paris fabric and delightful that you could use if for such a perfect gift for Abby!

Congratulations to Abby on her academic accomplishment, too!!!!!!!!!!!!! APPLAUSE from afar!