Black Rock, April 2017

Five of the usual suspects eight participants went away to Black Rock a couple of weekends ago. Three of us went on Thursday and were joined by the others the next day.

I was productive. I had brought along several different projects and got everything done that I wanted to.

My daughter has been fascinated by the idea that there is fabric with cat food on it. She's never been an apron-wearer, but declared that if she had a cat food apron she'd wear it! Here's dear Judy modeling the CF apron that I made for Sherry. There were enough scraps of cat food that I could make her a pair of pot holders, too. Also I put together the tops for a set of four placemats, but have to get some fabric for the back before I can finish.

I managed to get my bee blocks for the month together as well as two other projects that must remain a secret for a time; I'll reveal them within a couple of weeks after they've been given to their rightful owners.

My major accomplishment for the weekend was the completion of this granny square baby quilt that I'll be donating to an agency that helps young moms who don't have a lot of money to get started. My Circle will be gathering baby things in October for this agency and my hope is to have four little quilts ready for them by then.

It was, as usual, a really wonderful getaway with lots of laughter, too much eating, and the joy of just being together. Interestingly, there was another group of quilters at the retreat center, about thirty representing the Flying Geese Guild of Hereford or Harford (unclear exactly which), Maryland. These fun ladies invited us to come up for a game of chance on Saturday night and -- rather embarrassingly -- one of our number was the winner of 72 FQs!


Janet O. said…
I do believe you may be the only retreat attendee that I have ever known to say they got everything done they wanted to! Kudos to you.
That is a really nice looking apron.
Amy said…
You are brilliant, using stripes on that apron at the bottom! (I bought that pattern after you posted your first apron. A fun make.) And the cat food fabric for it is wonderful. I should make one for my mom... her day is coming up fast!
AnnieO said…
Going on a retreat sounds like so much fun! But I think you're with me in "never setting out to have a bad time". Love the apron and baby quilt.
ramewelamb said…
Love, Love, Love your Granny Square quilt. The colors are PERFECT!! I've been making baby quilts for unknown-yet great-grandkids so, even if I'm gone, there will still be memories. Will look for a pattern so I can make one too.
Fun with friends who can share the days is always the BEST. Hugs... e from sheep ranch in Petaluma CA.
Synthia said…
I've never seen cat food fabric, and it probably wouldn't catch my eye if it was in my local shop, but the apron is adorable, bright and cheerful. Your daughter will love it and it's accessories. Your donation baby quilt is beautiful and will make a very special gift to a sweet babe. You certainly did accomplish a lot at your retreat!
Well, this post is proof positive that there is a novelty print for EVERYONE! I love novelty prints. I'm ALMOST embarrassed how much of my stash is novelty fabrics. So glad you had a good time at the retreat. It amazes me that you got done everything you wanted to!
xx, Carol
Barbara Anne said…
What a wonderful weekend you and your quiltie friends shared and well done on accomplishing all you hoped to do while away!!

I love the apron and would like to know if it was made from an on-line free pattern or a purchased pattern? If you drafted it yourself, that's beyond me!

The pink quilt is simply charming, adorable, and other such lovely adjectives! What a lucky little baby girl will get this quilt.

Tanya said…
Cute apron! I would never have thought someone would make a fabric print of cat food cans!