Civil War Baskets

So my cyber-friend Molly in California, whom I've yet to meet IRL, said one day, "Why don't we swap baskets made out of Civil War Fabric? With muslin or shirting backgrounds? Using blue, purple, and gray fabric?" Why don't we indeed! I set right to work after ordering some beautiferous fabric on line. My baskets are nearly finished, which is a good thing, since they have to go in the mail to Molly in just a couple of weeks. I will end up with 18 different baskets from the swap, if all goes according to plan and no one else drops out. I'll probably add a few more to come up with a good number for rows. This quilt will be a gift for a friend who likes baskets quite a bit. I'm thinking that for some reason this quilt might be a good one to tie rather than quilt, but we'll see once it is together.


Susan said…
Love the baskets. I still have to buttonhole my applique set - *not* by hand! =)

Molly is a gem. You really have to figure out a way to meet her one of these days - both of you at the same show at the same time, or something.
Karrin Hurd said…
Love the baskets. Sorry I didn't join this one.

Molly is a sweetheart, and I hope you get to meet her AND ME IRL one of these days!