Remember "Polar Vortex"?

In our family, whenever one of my kids needs a quilt for a wedding gift or for a new baby gift, they take a look at what quilts I have finished or in the flimsy stage, and then pay me whatever they would have spent for the gift they need. Works well, provides unique gifts for them to give, reduces the number of quilts on hand (we only have two beds), and gives me a little extra fabric money.

Tom and Anastasia have a wedding to go to this spring and they picked this flimsy from the selection available. It's name comes from the big storm that we had a few years back while I was working on it. We lost our electricity for, I think, three nights. It was cold. We went to the hospital cafeteria to get meals and charge our phones. We lived in front of the fireplace. Blackberry was nonplussed. 

I'm happy for Polar Vortex to have found a home. 

Presently I'm hand quilting a baby quilt of sheep, waiting to bind another baby quilt, and getting ready to layer yet another. 

Thursday I was having a bad day at work because of a strained ankle. One of my teachers made me this wonderful balloon flower to cheer me up. It worked!


Quiltdivajulie said…
Super fun balloon flower - hope your ankle is feeling much better now. Like the system for the kids' gifting!
I KNOW that balloon flower made you smile! The Polar Vortex quilt is so pretty and will certainly make the bride and groom smile!! I am in the beginning of hand quilting my first quilt. What weight thread did you use? I am starting by stitching cupcakes in the middle of each block and wanted the stitching to be noticeable so I tested thread and ended up selecting #3 perle cotton. The whole process is totally new to me, but I pretty much enjoying it.
xx, Carol
Janet O. said…
I remember that quilt. I have a block somewhere of that, from testing the pattern. But my block was called Tropical Vortex because I made it from batiks. I always planned on making more. Someday I will.
Your system of gifting your quilts sounds good to me. If I ever made anything large enough to actually keep someone warm I would adopt that practice.
Sorry to hear of your injury. Who can not be happy with a gift of balloons?
Nann said…
Sorry about your ankle -- hope it's healing well.
The Polar Vortex block is very intriguing. The quilt itself is a great colorway -- not-quite-neutral. Oh, me, another idea....
Barbara Anne said…
How marvelous that you have a sufficient stash of nearly finished quilts to use for family and friends in need! I remember Polar Vortex well because I have a wall quilt named Arctic Blast due to a frigid cold front that came through here when I was contemplating fabrics for a winter wall quilt and beginning it.

Hope your ankle is feeling lots better after ice (encased in a ziploc bag plus a washcloth or small towel) and elevation. The balloon flower pick-me-up was inspired!

Quayquilter said…
Nancy I always love your quilts - some of mine can be a little "off" and I sometimes think I should look at your site and copy yours as closely as possible! However dear daughter and granddaughter came this week and carried off three and laid claim to a current WIP so I'm feeling a bit better.
I love the soft colours of this quilt combined with dynamic movement. The couple will be delighted and sure to treasure it for many years to come.