Zoo is a Flimsy


Zoo is a flimsy! I'll be getting the backing and binding fabric on Saturday. This was such a fun project!

In other sewing news, I had seen this quilt that I liked a lot and asked my friend Blogless Bobbi if she could draw me a paper-piecing pattern for it (she does this sort of thing) and she did and although initially I was thinking of one type of fabrics for the project, last night in a dream, no less, I knew the right thing was Liberty with Essex Linen, both of which I happen to have. You'll likely be seeing a lot more of these guys. I am smitten.


Robby said…
Oooooh, Pyramids! What fun, and a change of pace after the zoo.
Janet O. said…
A very fun zoo--some lucky child will enjoy visiting it again and again.
Oh, the pyramids! Lovely in those fabrics. Never thought to try paper piecing it. Very clever.
I have been hand quilting my little version the past couple of evenings.
Denise in PA said…
Zoo is adorable! And, Liberty and Essex Linen...what a *dreamy* combination!! I'm impressed by the paper piecing. I seem to recall something about cats and baths....LOLOLOL!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I love the Zoo flimsy, I am a sucker for Eye Spy quilts, this is a nice variation. Your pyramid blocks are wonderful!!
Barbara Anne said…
Zoo is a complete delight! Applause!!

Oh, your new project is certainly smitten- worthy! I look forward to seeing how it comes together.

Huge storms here today. Hope the power stays on.