Monday, September 24, 2007


Reader, you read it here first!

A certain friend and I have been complaining about someone we know who brings "obtuse" to a whole nother level.

How do we explain? He's dense. He's self-focused. He's somewhere else. He's oblivious. He's this, he's that, etc.

And then my dear friend nailed it.

This guy -- this dense and self-righteous fellow of whom we speak -- he's been seen in a very public setting on more than one occasion wearing pink pants. Yup. Pink pants. And he's not a preppie or even a pseudo-prep. He's an ordinary guy, prolly close to 40, straight, well-educated, and not known to be color blind.

He's a Guy In Pink Pants.

I bet you know one too.


atet said...

I've known them, oh yes I have. But, the photo you've attached made me smile!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Apparently he's quite self confident.

Su Bee said...

ROFL - oh my - I can hardly type for the tears! Too too funny!! This poor fella is going to be seared onto my brain for weeks --