Friday, February 01, 2008

Man's inhumanity to man . . .

It was Robert Burns who said it.

Just when I begin to worry that I've reached the point where I'm totally dulled to news of violence and senseless killing, because there is so much of it, I read this and feel the tears fill my eyes. I cannot imagine the kind of mind that dreamed up this particular wretched scheme.

The full quote is "Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn."


Ms. Jan said...

This sickens me. I can't comprehend how someone could do this to another human being. Go home tonight and hug your hubby and be glad you live np.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Goodness. Very distressing. Cover them all in prayer.

swooze said...

Just insane. It is amazing what ways terrorists find to destroy.

Greyhair said...

You all should know better.

Do you folks really believe the Pentagon, the "Iraq Security Forces spokesman" or the news media?

Go here:

Both the NY Times and WaPo are reporting that the story is likely untrue.

anne bebbington said...

This made the UK news bulletins but only very briefly with precious little comment - I was just as aghast as you were when I heard it - it seems to me that some sections of the human race will always abide by that dreadful motto 'The end justifies the means' and all in the name of religion eh? Wicked, wicked, wicked!