The Homeliest Gal in the Hills

Larry, who works in the college guidance office, popped in to see me this morning. It was clear that on the drive in, something came to mind, and he began thinking, "Well, just who on the campus is old enough that I can share this with?" And he made a beeline for my office. Sheesh.

Unfortunately, he was right. I am old enough. Again I say, "Sheesh."

Larry wanted to wish me a Happy Sadie Hawkins Day. I knew what he was talking about, but something seemed amiss. So I did a little research.

If you are old enough, you know what this is all about. If you aren't, you can get up to speed (you should pardon the pun) by going here.


The Calico Cat said…
Does Sadies Hawkins Day always fall on leap year? I remember that they had a dance at school. I was too shy & awkward & homely - complete with acne & very oily skin.
*karendianne. said…
Well that link was chock full of info. How cool.

I remember we had those dances but I never knew what they were about.

Homely Love, *karendianne.
debijeanm said…
I do remember Sadie Hawkins, although not her debut. I remember Sadie Hawkins dances in high school although, like calico cat, was too shy to ask a boy to one.