Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wedding Season and a Private Getaway

About six weeks ago, I received an email from Rob, the innkeeper at White Oak where we go for our quilting retreats. It seemed that a weekend that had been booked was now available; some group had canceled, leaving Rob with an empty inn at what would normally be a very busy time. He was writing to all of the quilters on his mailing list, wondering if anyone wanted to come out for a getaway.

It sounded interesting. It would be fun to meet some new quilters. And what better place! Helen and Judy and Turbo and I signed up. When I spoke with Rob later on, he said there were three other women coming. As the time for the getaway drew near, and my bronchial infection persisted, I wondered if I should go. I struggled with what was the right thing to do. Joe urged me to go, pointing out (a) that I don't cough as much when I'm engrossed in sewing and (b) I had already given up so much for the bronchial infection. I decided he was right; I did ask for a room to myself so that I wouldn't have to worry about disturbing Turbo's sleep with my coughing.

I left immediately after work on Friday, having packed the car in the morning. Driving out to Lancaster County, there was snow on the turnpike, which always makes me uneasy. I kept to the right, slowed down, and left plenty of space between myself and the car ahead. The snow only lasted about 15 miles, and then I was on 222 heading south. I got to White Oak about six o'clock. Turbo was already there with a glass of wine in hand. Rob and Carol welcomed me and said the other two had just called in and would be there shortly. I asked about the three other women; they had canceled. It would be just the four of us, together with our sewing machines, at White Oak.

We had such a wonderful time. People were patient and tolerant with the cough. Carol kept plying us with scrumptious home-cooked delights. Turbo spoiled us with gifties of scissor fobs and quilt-pattern socks. Helen and Judy and I got silly early into the evening. Might have been the wine. Might have been the feeling of decadence at having all of White Oak for just the four of us. Whatever.

We sewed and laughed and talked. It is wedding season for the Lancaster County Amish, and Carol was full of news about the wedding they will be attending this coming Thursday, while most of the rest of the United States will be having family turkey dinners. We learned a lot more about Amish culture. It turned out that Turbo had never seen the movie "Witness," and so on Saturday night Rob provided a video and we watched it together as we sewed.

I got a nice border on my hand-dyed baskets quilt and with Turbo's advice and Helen's encouragement and Judy's tutelage, got a mitered piano key border on my black and honey baskets. With these two tops now completed flimsies, I turned my attention to the platypus fabric. I'd finally found the perfect pattern for it, and made considerable progress before it was time to head for home. Pictures at some point, I promise.

Joe helped the weekend to last even longer by taking me out to dinner.

Further evidence, Ms. G, that life is, indeed, good. Very, very good.


DPUTiger said...

Oh, I'm so envious! I miss my sewing buddies so much it hurts a little bit. Thank goodness they want to keep me involved in our mini-group. I miss sewing but I just don't have the contact with other quilters that always kept me inspired and sewing before I moved. ::sigh:: Someday I'll find time to take a few quilting classes at the store I love on the other end of the city and I'll get back to sewing more and knitting less. I hope!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Healing in action! I love these moments and I admire how you can so eloquently write about them. A treat *(and example) for us all.

And this, oh this intrigues The Kitchen Quilter, The Mistress of LeeHaven... "mitered piano key border." I hope to lay my eyes on that!

Eye Spy Love, *karendianne.

ProclaimingSoftly (PSanafter-thought) said...

Sounds wonderful. I go to a retreat semi-yearly, when possible. Last spring the place had to cancel us out because of a late wet snowstorm; they couldn't plow the hill to the building. What a disappointment. Two of the gals, who had their jobs covered by replacement people, booked a room at an Inn up the road and had fun. I didn't even think of that, although if my spouse had been away, I might have had a few of the women over to my house.

Gretchen said...

What a fabulous weekend! Sounds like a "good for the soul" kind of place with good friends. Congrats and now I want to go!!!!

Linda said...

Okay, this is going to sound weird. For your cough, put Vick vapor rub on your feet (yes, your feet) and put a pair of socks on over that. It's supposed to stop your cough almost immediately!!!
Lurking Linda