Tuesday, November 11, 2008

By Wisdom . . .

Some time ago, I saw this quilt and thought it was marvelous. Actually, I still do think it is marvelous. I believed that someone I knew would think so, too.

So I ordered the kits -- twelve patterns with perfect fabrics already picked out. I made the first block and that certain someone saw it and was nothing short of cool in his response to it. Seems the primitive look is not his look. Which is fine. My taste is not everyone's taste.

I put it all aside and recently rediscovered it sitting patiently on the shelf in the sewing studio.

And so the kits are here, sometime later, and I know I won't finish them, much less put the completed blocks together and quilt it. I know I won't. It will end up being something that my kids discover when they are cleaning out, after I am gone. And they will have no idea at all what to do with it.

Do you think that you might want to do this project? It would be a nice gift for someone who builds houses. It would be a nice gift for, perhaps, your son and his wife as they buy their first house.

You could buy the complete set of patterns (no fabric) here for $66 plus shipping.

Or you could have mine. Complete set of twelve patterns. With fabric. One is finished. One more is cut out but nothing further than that is done.

I suspect that if you wanted to buy these patterns, you would already have done so. And now, with things being tight, if you want them, you may not be ready to put out $66. Plus shipping. Even if you have sufficient fabric in your stash to complete the blocks.

Here's the one that I finished. I used fusible webbing and hand button-hole stitch to do the applique. It was a pleasant task because I was thinking about my recipient as I worked. Each block has a Bible verse about house or home.

I'd love to trade these kits to someone who will enjoy making the project and whose intended recipient will enjoy having it. Perhaps you have some Civil War FQs that you don't have a real plan for yet. And you may want to trade ten or twelve of them for these kits. If so, let me know and they will be in the mail, heading your way, by the end of the week!

Oh, and all of those good thoughts I had for my recipient are instantly transferrable to yours!


Sewbaby said...


Cute kit. Love them. No Civil War prints here so I will have to purchase them. What colors would you like?


debijeanm said...

I'm not going to compete with sewbaby for this quilt because 1) I have no room to store it and 2) store it is all I'd do with it. But it is a wonderful quilt and thank you for the offer.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm working on this... have seven out of twelve done. I changed mine up a bit, and even though it's been a longer-than-usual UFO I still love it!!

Karrin Hurd said...

Are they already gone? I can trade you civil war fabric for just aboutw whatever colors yiou want