Porcelainberry, The Quilt

Years ago, Joe and I went on a guided tour of the dunes near the nature center at Cape May. It was a wonderful experience and we learned so much about the various grasses and sedges that grow there. We were particularly taken with a plant called Porcelainberry; the colors were just amazing together. I was determined that someday I'd make a quilt in those colors.

I just never quite got around to it.

While I was working on the batik squares from the recent swap, Himself came by and looked at the design wall and said, quite out of the blue (or the aqua or the purple), "That reminds me of those Porcelainberries." He was right! Once the blocks were all finished, we consulted the Hancock catalog and ordered two different batiks for the side triangles and borders. They came yesterday morning.

Since I've been sick, I've found, oddly, that I don't cough nearly as much or as intensely when I'm sewing. Not a problem! Sewing, I can do! Last night I got all of the side triangles cut and the blocks stitched into rows. Tonight while Joe is at the orchestra with my cousin since I cough too much to be welcome there, I will sew the rows together and start working on the border.

Stay tuned for a view of "Porcelainberry, The Quilt."


Karen said…
Oh, the berries are so pretty! I cannot wait to see the quilt!
*karendianne. said…
A magical boost of healing!
Ms. Jan said…
You are such a tease! If sewing keeps "the coughs" away, go for it!