Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time for Thinking

The one thing I'll say about a sick day is that it gives a person time to think. Lying in the bed, between sleeps, trying to ignore the head and the tummy and to stay warm, thinking is a good option. Not just thinking, but reaching conclusions. I did a lot of thinking yesterday (and a lot of sleeping -- I was astounded at taking three or four separate naps throughout the day) and a little more thinking today (am improved but not totally well as yet so I am home again).

I have an ambitious project that I started back in July; it is Ruth's Quilt from "Living the Dream," and it seemed a perfect project for a wedding next summer. The young bride-to-be and her intended met at the seashore, courted at the seashore, got engaged on the beach and plan a seaside wedding. The quilt has 35 stitcheries, some of which have seashore motifs. I have a collection of blue and white seashore prints. So I plunged in. I have finished eight of the stitcheries and have not enjoyed the process. The thought of twenty-seven more of them is incapacitating. There is no joy in this project. Yesterday after nap #1 I decided to go no further. I will find a use for the few completed stitcheries and will find another project for this wedding gift quilt. I have many months.

After nap #2 I was so pleased with the results of nap #1 that I thought about a set of buttonhole applique blocks that seemed like a good idea when I got them. I've done one of them and it turned out right nice. But the intended recipient of the project says it is not to his taste. So I do not believe I will go further with these.

After nap #3 I remembered a woolly project that has languished and languished and am now very close to officially abandoning it.

Stay tuned; an upcoming blog post will offer some sort of a trade for these projects.

This morning Himself opened the door to get the paper and found that the last bag of swap blocks had come after all. We had not anticipated them arriving until tomorrow. And so after breakfast and before nap #1 of the day, I swapped them all out and put them up on the wall. By golly, they are stunning! My swappers are wonderful ladies. Truly.

Now I'm off for that there nap #1. We'll see what further thinking ensues. Thanks to all who sent good wishes; as you can see, I have found a way to make very good use of my Sick Days!


peggy said...

First off...hope you are feeling better soon. I have been home from school since 11/6 for teachers convention and now Veterans Day! Life is good here in New Jersey :)

Secondly, I cannot believe the wonderful blocks...I cannot wait to get mine in the mail. The girls have done one bang up job and I feel lucky to be the recipient of some.

PS: LOVE that book....I need to order it!! Going to go search it down.

Guenveur in Kent said...

Well, my stars, those blocks are gorgeous. Glad you'e feeling better and taking some naps and thinking. Not everyone can think with a stuffed up nose and head so it seems that your mind never sleeps.
Keep getting better!

Susan said...

Glad you are feeling better today. The star blocks are, indeed, stunning up on the wall all together that way!

Any project blocks you abandon, finished or not, I would be happy to have for American Hero quilts. =)

creativedawn said...

Nancy....those blocks are stunning!!! I look forward to the quilt! I hope and pray you make a quick recovery...