Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catching Up

Somebody asked me where my design husband was and whether I'd managed to make any more of those BOMs. Well, he's alive, well, and currently at work, and no, I haven't.

I've been busy. And tired.

Saturday we went to a wedding and had a lovely time. Later that night I finished binding the last of the quilts that I had machine quilted this summer -- there are four or five of them -- and I suppose I need to have a show and tell about them. With no further handwork in the basket, I reached for the handquilting. After my spring enjoyment of handquilting baby quilts, I asked my local machine quilter if she'd machine baste a couple of quilts for me, and she did. I thought I'd like to have a larger hand-quilting project to keep on hand for times when there was no smaller handwork to do. So I've begun hand quilting my CW baskets quilt, and am on the third block already!

Also over the weekend, I swapped out the blocks that I'd received for A Quilt for Melanie Wilkes. I've not been brave enough to do the math, but the swapout involved 18 times 240 blocks plus 36 additional blocks plus 19 additional blocks. I worked at swapping on Saturday before and after the wedding, and on Sunday Honna came over and helped me finish. We both had lint-lined lungs at the end and had some real "Lucy and Ethel" moments in the process.

The past two days I've been at an administrative retreat that we hold annually prior to the opening of school. Last night when I came home I was so tired that I actually went to sleep at 8:30!

So, no, I have not done anymore on the BOM. Except, she confesses sheepishly, I've signed up for the next set!

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