Saturday, July 31, 2010

Addresses Needed!

I can't believe the trouble I'm having giving away my Giveaway!

Sharon's William Morris FQs are ready to go in the mail.

And Karin sent her address, too, for the left over French General charms.

Nary a word, however, from Quiltmom Anna.  So I'm going to give that charm pack away to Kathy B who also commented that she would like it, and I happen to have her address!

Judi in the UK gets the cupcake pattern and Pati in Florida prefers chocolate rabbits, so she will get that pattern.  Judi and Pati, please email me your addresses so I can get them in the mail. 

I really only want to make one trip to the mailboxes place.

It is a gorgeous day here Near Philadelphia.  Himself and I had breakfast out on the deck and then I sat in the adirondack chair with a cup of blackberry sage tea, just to make the moment last longer.  Now it is off to buy groceries and then to come home and sew a bit.


Nancy said... shouldn't be HARD to give things away! lol

If all else fails...I am always here and can jot my address down so fast your head will spin...

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! I am a winner! Thanks, Nancy!

Judi said...

Woo hoo - I'm a winner!

I've emailed you my address, Nancy.

Thank you so much, I shall enjoy the cupcake pattern!