Dog Days No More

Don't get me wrong.  Do not believe for a minute that the "dog days" of July have come to an end, though July itself is just about to do just that.

I don't even want to think about what August is going to be like.

I've been working on the quilt I'd been thinking of as "dog days" because it seemed to be reflective of the heat, the sun, the torrid air.

But now that the blocks are all assembled and the setting triangles are in place (except for the four corners) and I've begun working on the narrow pieced border, I've come to realize that this is not Dog Days.  No, no.  It is not.

It is Cinnamon Latte.


Pat said…
Very nice. It is lovely as a flimsy, but will be even more handsome once quilted & bound. And it's caffeine free.
Char said…
Great quilt. The name is perfect!
Diana said…
It's gorgeous no matter what you call it!
Denise in PA said…
Beautiful! I love the colors. Definitely makes me think of Fall. Is Fall ever going to get here? Can you believe how hot it's been here??? We're going to FLA next month and I do believe it will be cooler there! o:)
Quayquilter said…
I like the variety of fabrics very much - it would be good for my remaining repros.